Senate Bill 1161 is Signed into Law in Pennsylvania

The Commonwealth Foundation published an article last month entitled “Being Tough on Crime is Not Enough.”  In the piece, Commonwealth suggested a variety of ways that Pennsylvania could reform its parole, probation, and non-residential programs in order to trim its corrections budget.  Last week, Commonwealth’s reform plan began to be enacted in earnest with the passage of Senate Bill 1161.  The bill contains provisions for adopting new risk assessment instruments, addressing technical parole violations with graduated sanctions, and extending parole opportunities for non-violent offenders.  SB 1161 was sponsored by Senator Stewart Greenleaf, a Republican who represents Montgomery and Bucks Counties.



Geriatric Incarceration at Virginia’s Deerfield Correctional Center

Right on Crime | October 31, 2010
Last month, The Washington Post ran an interesting story on the Deerfield Correctional Center, a geriatric prison in Virginia. Geriatric incarceration is extremely expensive. According to The Post... Read…
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