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A Whole New Meaning to the Term “Fashion Police”

| August 30, 2011

If we didn’t have enough evidence that police interventions are being over utilized in public schools across America, this news story should be enough to change your mind. According to the NBC affiliate out of San Francisco, a teacher told one of her students to pull up his pants—which he refused. Her response? Dialing 9-1-1, and dispatching police officers to the classroom.

No criminal charges were filed—but police officers were diverted from actual crime prevention and response, and taxpayer dollars were expended to intervene in a shockingly minor disciplinary issue.

In 2006, Right On Crime’s Marc Levin wrote about the overuse of the criminal justice system in public schools, including the issuance of a citation to an eight-year-old and the transformation of municipal court judges into vice principals.

Public schools need to return to relying on discipline that doesn’t involve handcuffs. It’s more efficient, more effective—and a far more adequately tailored response to baggy pants.


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