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A Discussion about Juvenile Justice in Texas

| September 30, 2012

Last weekend, Marc A. Levin of Right On Crime served on a panel of the 2012 Texas Tribune Festival in Austin. The panel discussion, part of the TribFest’s “Law and Order” series of events, focused on juvenile justice issues in Texas. Also serving on the panel were Deborah Fowler of Texas Appleseed, Ana Yanez-Correa of the Texas Criminal Justice Coalition, and Michael Griffiths, the recently-named head of the Texas Juvenile Justice Department. The panel discussion touched on several issues, but Levin spoke at length about flawed school discipline policies and how they needlessly lead far too many students into the criminal justice system. The Texas Tribune’s live-blog of the panel discussion can be read here.

UPDATE: The Texas Tribune has posted audio of the event here.


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