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Ineffective School Discipline Policies Threaten Public Safety

| September 20, 2012

Law enforcement leaders recently banded together to highlight an important – but perhaps surprising –issue in public safety: school discipline.

San Bernardino County, CA District Attorney Michael Ramos, Sheriff Keith Royal, president of the California State Sheriffs’ Association, Sacramento Police Chief Rick Braziel, Ceres Police Chief Art de Werk, and the president of the California Police Chiefs Association all recently gathered in California to highlight ineffective school discipline policies that actually detract from public safety.

The officials noted that suspending and expelling students for minor offenses increases the number of youths out of the supervised school environment and on the streets, where they are far more likely to engage in troublemaking or even criminal behavior. The law enforcement coalition further pointed out the link between suspensions and dropping out of school, impacting both crime rates and educational gains.

The Sheriffs, Police Chiefs, and District Attorney spoke out after a report released by Fight Crime: Invest in Kids found high rates of suspension for low-level misbehavior. The group contrasted these poor outcomes with the positive gains and cost savings possible with alternative, more traditional school discipline measures which often involve restorative justice.

Right on Crime and the Texas Public Policy Foundation have researched the ineffectiveness of zero-tolerance and inflexible school discipline policies. Our most recent report, which can be found here, found that schools are proportionally less safe today than after 15 years of zero tolerance.


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