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Chuck Colson’s Birthday

| October 16, 2012

Today is the birthday of Chuck Colson, who passed away in April. Colson was one of the earliest signatories to the Right On Crime Statement of Principles and a vigorous advocate for conservative criminal justice reform. His life story was fascinating. He was a political operative for President Richard M. Nixon, became implicated in the Watergate affair, went to prison, and finally emerged from incarceration to found Prison Fellowship Ministries. Colson is one of the few people for whom it can truly be said: “He left the world a better place than he found it.” In an upcoming article on Louisiana’s Angola Prison (and its warden, Burl Cain), the Acton Institute will present a reflection on Colson’s important legacy. We will link to the article as soon as it is released.

Chuck Colson would have been 81 years old today.


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