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Right On Crime To Meet With Members of British Parliament

| July 10, 2013

On Wednesday, July 10, Marc Levin, Policy Director of Right On Crime, and Right On Crime Senior Fellow Jerry Madden will meet with eight members of the British Parliament to discuss Right On Crime’s initiatives and parallel efforts in the United Kingdom.

“We are delighted that leaders from the United Kingdom have expressed interest in the national Right on Crime campaign and are seeking to launch a similar effort across the pond,” Levin said. “Clearly, they have been impressed by Texas’ recent success in dramatically reducing both its incarceration rate, and most importantly, its crime rate. We look forward to sharing insights with these British leaders on how to successfully implement criminal justice reforms based on the conservative principles of personal responsibility and fiscal restraint.”

The efforts of Right On Crime have been appreciated in the United Kingdom on various occasions.

Right On Crime signatory Grover Norquist spoke about criminal justice reform at a luncheon in London on July 2 for Parliament members and conservative journalists. Additionally, Ben Gummer, a ministerial aide and Tory MP for Ipswich, praised Right On Crime in an article for The Telegraph, encouraging the UK to enact similar reforms.

“After decades of mass incarceration, it is the Right in America that has been questioning the wisdom of imprisoning a huge numbers of people at enormous cost and negligible return,” Gummer stated in the article. “It is Republicans who have recognised that an increasing reliance on imprisonment as a policy solution creates a system that ‘feeds on itself’, exacerbating the very social problems that lead to a rise in crime.”


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