Right On Crime in Texas Monthly

In response to Governor Perry’s remarks concerning the decriminalization of marijuana, this article by Texas Monthly credits Right On Crime’s reform policies with helping to reduce Texas’ incarceration rates.

“Texas’s recent reforms on drug policy are summarized at the Right on Crime initiative, which began here, at the Texas Public Policy Foundation, and has since spread to a number of other states.

Jailing people for nonviolent drug crimes is expensive, if nothing else, and historically Texas has had woefully high incarceration rates, which have required a disproportionate share of the state’s general spending. Texas still has the biggest prison population in the country, but during Perry’s time as governor, and partly as a result of these reforms, the state’s incarceration rate has dropped…”



Success of Justice Reinvestment Becoming Indisputable

Right on Crime | January 27, 2014
A new report released today by the Urban Institute highlights the efforts of states to reduce their prisoner count, crime rates, and impact on their budgets. The Justice Reinvestment…
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