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February 18, 2016

Conservatives continue to lead the way on criminal justice reform and Right on Crime is the “tip of the spear” – leading key reform efforts across the country and in Washington, DC. Thanks to the leadership of the Signatories to the Right on Crime Statement of Principles, many states have saved taxpayer money while focusing on victims and enhancing public safety. It is an exciting time for criminal justice reform and we want to keep you up to date with our campaign, so read more and share your thoughts with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Recent News

Andrew Speno on Oklahoma’s State of Play: “Being A Better Steward of Our Resources” Is Needed

In a recent interview, our Oklahoma state director Andrew Speno joined News Radio 1000 KTOK to discuss the state of play surrounding conservative criminal justice reform efforts in the state, particularly with regard to two ballot questions passed by voters in early November which reclassified various low-level felony drug possession and property offenses to misdemeanors, and allows savings from those changes to be reinvested into community rehabilitation programs. Host Jason Doyle noted that cr...

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Louisiana Association of Business and Industry: State’s Inadequate Workforce ‘May Be Fulfilled’ By Ex-Offenders

This blog post was written by Jace Waechter, a Right on Crime research associate. On November 18, the Louisiana Association Business and Industry (LABI) held a summit to address the state’s growing prison population.  Currently, Louisiana has the highest incarceration rate in the country, which has ballooned to twice the national average—with half of the prison population within the state being comprised of non-violent offenders. The primary concern facing the LABI is the barriers to busin...

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New Report Shows Ninety-One Percent of New Criminal Laws in Oklahoma Fall Outside Penal Code

This blog post was written by Christopher Gambini, a Right on Crime research associate. The Manhattan Institute recently released a report on Oklahoma overcriminalization reform, which spotlights Oklahoma’s problematic penal code that is in need of major reworking. Since 2010, 26 new criminal laws on average have been added annually, with 91% of them being codified outside the penal code. This fact highlights a troubling trend found in many states and the federal government: as more and more cri...

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The Advocate: Growing Coalition of Louisiana Leaders Push for Reform Through Justice Reinvestment Initiative

This blog post was written by Jace Waechter, a Right on Crime research assistant. Last Thursday, a task force designed to look at ways to improve public safety and save taxpayer’s money held a hearing at the Louisiana Capitol. The Justice Reinvestment Task Force—a body made up of members from both political parties, together with business and religious leaders—has held multiple hearings to look at ways to increase public safety, while decreasing the amount of individuals locked up in Louisiana’s...

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Marc Levin Discusses Latest FBI Crime Report, Drug Treatment Programs on “The Bill Martinez Show”

During a recent episode of “The Bill Martinez Show,” Right on Crime policy director Marc Levin spent time discussing details of the FBI’s newly released crime report for 2015, in which he stated that a substantial proportion of the homicide increase seen nationwide can in fact be traced to just a handful of cities. Levin goes on to explain that while violent crimes increased last year, property crimes continued their almost unabated drop since the mid- to late-1960’s. One...

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