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February 18, 2016

Conservatives continue to lead the way on criminal justice reform and Right on Crime is the “tip of the spear” – leading key reform efforts across the country and in Washington, DC. Thanks to the leadership of the Signatories to the Right on Crime Statement of Principles, many states have saved taxpayer money while focusing on victims and enhancing public safety. It is an exciting time for criminal justice reform and we want to keep you up to date with our campaign, so read more and share your thoughts with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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Fines, Fees, and Forfeiture Under the Commission on Civil Rights’ Microscope

This blog post was written by Right on Crime research associates Jace Waechter and Brian Bensimon. Recently, the Commission on Civil Rights held a hearing to investigate the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) efforts to reform fines and fees practices in state and local courts. Dr. Derek Cohen and Marc Levin of the Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Center for Effective Justice both spoke on reforming municipal fines and fees. Cohen called on the Department of Justice to maintain federalism, leaving po...

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A Rising Chorus of Texas Leaders Calling for Reform of Excessive Court-Imposed Fines and Fees

This blog post was written by Right on Crime research associate Jace Waechter. In Texas, revenue from fines such as parking or traffic violations generated over $1 billion dollars for the state. Some individuals were able to afford the fines and court costs. However, failure to pay excessive court-ordered fines and fees has resulted in 640,000 defendants behind bars – passing the burden onto taxpayers. During his State of the Judiciary address in February 2016, Texas Chief Justice Nathan L. Hech...

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Louisiana Justice Reinvestment Task Force Recommendations for Criminal Justice Reform Released Today

After 10 months of digging into the drivers of Louisiana’s worst ranked prison population by rate, the bi-partisan Louisiana Justice Reinvestment Task Force rolled out its recommendations at a well-attended press conference today.   Louisiana joins the ranks of 34 other states in the U.S. to undertake comprehensive criminal justice reform through justice reinvestment (JRI), and now the process begins of crafting and introducing legislation based on the Task Force’s recommendations for the Legisl...

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A Cost Analysis for Raising the Age of Criminal Responsibility in Texas

Texas’ House Committee on Juvenile Justice and Family Issues recently heard testimony from stakeholders and the public on House Bill 122, a bill which would “raise the age” of criminal responsibility in Texas—from 17 to 18 years old. In attempting to model potential costs borne by state and local governments in implementing such policies, it is not altogether uncommon for government agencies to overestimate the fiscal impact of “raise the age” legislation. In two re...

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Oklahoma Justice Reform Task Force: Resolve Prison Overpopulation by Adopting Cost-Effective, Evidence-Based Reforms

This blog post was written by Right on Crime research associate Brian Bensimon. Facing a prison bed crisis amid an ever-growing prison population, Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin created a task force aiming to improve public safety by reducing recidivism, and incorporating evidence-based recommendations. The Task Force’s recommendations, if implemented, would yield an expected $2 billion savings over the next 10 years, while also reducing the overall prison population by 7 percent. The Task Force’s re...

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