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Louisiana Justice Reinvestment Task Force Recommendations for Criminal Justice Reform Released Today

| March 16, 2017

After 10 months of digging into the drivers of Louisiana’s worst ranked prison population by rate, the bi-partisan Louisiana Justice Reinvestment Task Force rolled out its recommendations at a well-attended press conference today.   Louisiana joins the ranks of 34 other states in the U.S. to undertake comprehensive criminal justice reform through justice reinvestment (JRI), and now the process begins of crafting and introducing legislation based on the Task Force’s recommendations for the Legislative Session beginning April 10 in Baton Rouge.  If adopted, Louisiana would stand to reduce the state prison population by 16% and save taxpayers $305 million over ten years.

By examining the successful practices of neighboring states such as Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and Texas, the evidence-based policy reforms would ensure right-sized sentencing, strengthen community supervision, and clear away barriers to successful reentry.


The recommendations also propose the reinvestment of over $154 million of savings that would have been spent on prison into evidence-based programs and prison alternatives that are more effective in changing criminogenic behavior, are fiscally sound, and will enhance support for victims of crime.

With the backing of Louisiana’s key political and stakeholder leadership, the Pelican State has shown that they have the will to embrace change and advance the needed criminal justice reforms that will yield more public safety and justice for all Louisianans.

For the full report, please go to the Louisiana Department of Corrections website at: http://www.doc.louisiana.gov/justice-reinvestment-task-force


ELAIN ELLERBE joined Right on Crime in September, 2016 as State Director for Louisiana.

Her expertise includes over thirty years of business and non-profit management.  For the past 20 years, Elain has focused her work in the area of prison reentry programming. Elain’s expertise in reentry program development and implementation as well as providing programs that address the special issues facing families impacted by the criminal justice system have been recognized nationally and in Louisiana. In 2013, Elain was named to the Louisiana Justice Hall of Fame, along with her husband Michael, posthumously, for their life long work in the area of reentry.  In 2014, Elain was selected by the Louisiana Women’s Legislative Caucus as their Heroine of the Year, for her commitment to assist the incarcerated and their families.

Elain holds a Master’s in Human Services & Counseling/Criminal Justice from Liberty University, and holds certifications in a number of evidence-based programs, including Nurturing Parenting, Inside/Out Dad, Bridges Out of Poverty, and Moral Reconation Therapy.