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Unconstitutional Use of Civil Asset Forfeiture

| July 11, 2017

In Tennessee, police officers may legally take your property based on nothing but a mere suspicion that it might have ties to criminal activity. The seizing agency gets to keep the property regardless of whether criminal charges are ever filed and use the proceeds to subsidize their budgets. Defenders of this practice—benignly termed civil asset forfeiture — will argue that it’s a necessary law enforcement tool that ensures criminal gains are diverted away from criminal enterprise. However, scant ove...

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New Task Force to Prioritize Juvenile Justice Reform

| June 28, 2017

Tennesseans just gained an important ally in its effort to reform its criminal justice system with the newly formed bipartisan Ad Hoc Tennessee Blue Ribbon Task Force on Juvenile Justice, chaired by Speaker of the House Beth Harwell and Senate Majority Leader Mark Norris. The Task Force is comprised of representation from Gov. Haslam’s office, legislators, prosecutors, law enforcement, juvenile court officials, and representatives from key state agencies. Following a comprehensive study of Tennessee’s juv...

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Conservative Leaders Support Right on Crime

Find out why conservative leaders like Newt Gingrich, Ed Meese, Grover Norquist, Rick Perry, Jeb Bush, Ralph Reed, Ken Cuccinelli, and many others have signed the Right on Crime Statement of Principles.

What Conservatives Are Saying About Criminal Justice Reform & Right on Crime

Learn why criminal justice reform is on the minds of prominent conservatives, elected officials and potential presidential candidates.


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