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Alaska’s Senate Bill 91 Draws On A Decade of Conservative Criminal Justice Reforms

| May 9, 2016

Facing the prospect of a projected 27% increase to its prison population in the next ten years—at an additional cost to taxpayers of $169 million—Alaskan legislators are on the verge of passing Senate Bill 91, a sweeping reform bill seeking to stem such growth in the state’s corrections system while maintaining public safety. SB 91 passed a floor vote in the House on Thursday by a 28-11 vote, and now heads back to the Senate for a concurrence vote on amendments. Stark realities such as the impendi...

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Asset Forfeiture by Texas Law Enforcement

| April 7, 2016

While the abstract debate on civil asset forfeiture remains hotly contested in Texas, two elements often omitted from the discussion is “how much,” and “where” the practice takes place. Unfortunately, delineating civil forfeiture from that which occurs pursuant to a criminal conviction is impossible under current reporting law. Still, insight into the volume and location of forfeitures is telling. It reveals where the practice may be overused, establishing a reliance on the proceeds of the legally ...

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Right on Crime Webinar Campaign Update – Six Years Later

| February 18, 2016

The Right on Crime initiative is into its sixth year working to reform America’s criminal justice system state-to-state and across the country. Thanks to the leadership of the signatories to the Right on Crime statement of principles, we have been a part of major reforms being implemented in over 40 states. Join us for a webinar campaign update from stakeholders in the initiative as they discuss the state of conservative criminal justice reform in the states and Washington, DC. Presenters Ken Cuc...

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Conservative Leaders Support Right on Crime

Find out why conservative leaders like Newt Gingrich, Ed Meese, Grover Norquist, Rick Perry, Jeb Bush, Ralph Reed, Ken Cuccinelli, and many others have signed the Right on Crime Statement of Principles.

What Conservatives Are Saying About Criminal Justice Reform & Right on Crime

Learn why criminal justice reform is on the minds of prominent conservatives, elected officials and potential presidential candidates.


Right on Crime is a national campaign to promote successful, conservative solutions on American criminal justice policy—reforming the system to ensure public safety, shrink government, and save taxpayers money. By sharing research and policy ideas and mobilizing strong conservative voices, we work to raise awareness of the growing support for effective reforms within the conservative movement. We are transforming the debate on criminal justice in America.