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Yes, Trump is Embracing Criminal Justice Reform

| February 13, 2018

This article by Right on Crime Signatories Ken Blackwell and Ken Cuccinelli originally appeared in the Washington Examiner, February 12th, 2018. Throughout the last election cycle, there came fevered predictions from many commentators on the Left that, given candidate Donald Trump’s frank messaging about returning to "law and order" and confronting violent crime in American cities, criminal justice reform efforts were officially dead in the water. Criminal justice reform appears “bleak in the age of ...

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Prison Visits – When Technology is Not the Answer

| January 17, 2018

In an article published in the Times Picayune, the newspaper reported on the decision of the Jefferson Parish Sheriff to stop all forms of face-to-face visits for offenders and their families in favor of using video calls which began October, 2017.  Citing a cost savings by utilizing less personnel and spending fewer tax payer dollars Sheriff Lopinto states, “This system gives (inmates) a lot more time with their family, and it also frees up assets for the taxpayers of Jefferson Parish.”  Unfortunately ...

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16th Annual Policy Orientation – Austin, TX

| January 18, 2018

You’re invited to join the Right on Crime team at the Texas Public Policy Foundation’s 16th Annual Policy Orientation, which draws hundreds of legislators, legislative staff, and activists to hear the insight of expert scholars and opinion leaders. The event explores all sides of issues facing the Texas Legislature. Designed with state policymakers in mind, these panel discussions offer an exclusive forum for discussing new ideas and solutions to the state’s most pressing issues. The Center for Effec...

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Conservative Leaders Support Right on Crime

Find out why conservative leaders like Newt Gingrich, Ed Meese, Grover Norquist, Rick Perry, Jeb Bush, Ralph Reed, Ken Cuccinelli, and many others have signed the Right on Crime Statement of Principles.

What Conservatives Are Saying About Criminal Justice Reform & Right on Crime

Learn why criminal justice reform is on the minds of prominent conservatives, elected officials and potential presidential candidates.


Right on Crime is a national campaign to promote successful, conservative solutions on American criminal justice policy—reforming the system to ensure public safety, shrink government, and save taxpayers money. By sharing research and policy ideas and mobilizing strong conservative voices, we work to raise awareness of the growing support for effective reforms within the conservative movement. We are transforming the debate on criminal justice in America.