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Vikrant P. Reddy

March 3, 2015

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On Thursday, for the first time, the word "overcriminalization" appeared in the body of a U.S. Supreme Court opinion. The word — which refers to the tendency to treat ordinary behaviors that trad...

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This winter, Governors’ across the country are making their State of the State address, summing up past accomplishments and highlighting the priorities that they hold for their administrations. Afte...

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It’s time to tackle America’s jail problem

| March 3, 2015

Marc Levin describes the impetus behind the new right-left alliance on criminal justice reform at There's not much the right and left agree on these days, but one notable exception seems to be criminal justice reform. Take President Obama’s budget proposal for 2016: arriving in the midst of a growing chorus of bipartisan support for alternatives to incarceration, he includes a community policing initiative and expanded pretrial diversion programs. Conservatives should appreciate this;...

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Pre-Trial Justice 101: Key Points for Policymakers

| March 2, 2015

AUSTIN – The Texas Public Policy Foundation today released a paper by Center for Effective Justice Director Marc Levin outlining recommendations for effective pretrial justice. The paper, Pretrial Justice 101: Ten Key Points for Policymakers, identifies improvements in pretrial efficiency and how to implement them. “Certainly, those who are at a high risk of doing violence should be held until their trial so as not to create more victims,” said Levin. “However, detaining too many low-risk offende...

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