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Florida Bar Pretrial Panel Update

Chelsea Murphy | November 9, 2018
The Florida Bar’s first-ever Criminal Justice Summit brought together a diverse group of leaders to provide in-depth education and discussion on key criminal justice issues. Attendees shared ideas and…

“Just Do Your Job” Means Something Different for Police Officers

Randy Petersen | November 9, 2018
Sergeant Ron Helus arrived at the scene of an active shooter in Thousand Oaks, California within three minutes of receiving calls for help and did what he was trained…

Right on Crime Welcomes New Louisiana State Director Scott Peyton

Scott Peyton | November 8, 2018
Probation and parole officers are on the front lines of criminal justice reforms. They are required to wear many hats and are faced with mounds of paperwork and large…

In Louisiana, A New Voter-Approved Initiative Requires Unanimous Juries in Criminal Trials

Scott Peyton | November 7, 2018
Last weekend we turned our clocks back one hour.  We moved back in time for a brief moment.  Today, in Louisiana, we have moved our “clocks” forward to a…

When Mental Health Problems Become Criminal

Thomas Lyons | November 7, 2018
Recently, the leaders of the criminal justice system in La Crosse County got together to discuss the impact of untreated mental health on the local court system.  Startled by…

Police Unions and Police Are Often At Odds, On Politics and On Other Issues

Right on Crime | November 6, 2018
This commentary, written by Right on Crime signatory Bernard Kerik, originally appeared in the Washington Examiner on Nov. 6, 2018.   It’s hard to find a more awkward relationship between…

Apply Now: Web Writer and Social Media Manager

Right on Crime | October 24, 2018
Right on Crime is looking for a web writer and social media manager to join their team in Austin, Texas. Description: The Web Writer and Social Media Manager will…

Justice demands passage of First Step bill to rehabilitate lives

Right on Crime | October 22, 2018
This article by Right on Crime signatory Rebecca Hagelin originally appeared in Washington Times October 21, 2018. For only a few hours each month, she gets to be a…

Why Halloween is especially scary in some Virginia cities

Katie Greer | October 19, 2018
This article by Katie Greer originally appeared in Washington Post October 19, 2018. Fall: That time of year when Americans race down the aisles to snag all things pumpkin…

Innocent Mississippians shouldn’t have to worry about having their cash or property taken

Katie Greer | October 19, 2018
Mississippi has repeatedly made headlines for reining in civil asset forfeiture, a practice that allows government agencies to take cash or property from citizens under mere suspicion. Despite efforts…

In the Trenches of Reentry

Elain Ellerbe | October 16, 2018
Over the 25 years of my work with incarcerated individuals and their families, I have had the great pleasure and honor to run into a number of what I…

Scenes of Halloween in Chesapeake, Va.

Michael Haugen | October 11, 2018
Oct. 31, 8:01 p.m.   A high, clear shriek rends the stillness of the night, as a chill wind settles over Dunning Lane. Though an occasional wail is to…
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