Federalist Society Podcast with Pat Nolan and Marc Levin

Right on Crime | October 1, 2014
Right On Crimes’ Policy Director Marc Levin and Pat Nolan, Director of the Center for Criminal Justice Reform at the American Conservative Union Foundation and Right on Crime fellow,…

Vikrant Reddy on Florida criminal justice policy

Right on Crime | July 9, 2014
ROC Senior Policy Analyst Vikrant Reddy discusses Florida’s 85% mandatory minimum sentence requirement with Florida’s WFLA 970. “Time behind bars may be part of what contributes to public safety,…

New poll shows that American support for drug treatment vs. incarceration is on the rise

Right on Crime | April 3, 2014
A survey by Pew Research Center shows that the public is skeptical of sending non-violent drug offenders to prison — and finds that the majority prefer offenders be treated…

Marc Levin on “To the Point” with Warren Olney

Right on Crime | March 18, 2014
“What we’ve found is that sending people to prison who have a drug addiction, for example, they often only stay for a year or two… and of course when they…

Marc Levin on ‘Drive Time Lincoln’ with Kevin Thomas

Right on Crime | February 12, 2014
Marc Levin spoke with KLIN’s ‘Drive Time Lincoln’ to discuss public safety and post-incarceration employment in Nebraska.

Chuck DeVore on the Phil Cowan Show

Right on Crime | February 5, 2014
Chuck DeVore shares how Texas reduced its incarceration rate while simultaneously reducing spending — and what California can learn from the Lone Star State.

Chuck DeVore on “The Jesse Lee Peterson Radio Show”

Right on Crime | February 4, 2014
Reverend Peterson hosts TPPF’s VP of Policy Chuck DeVore on his nationally syndicated radio “The Jesse Lee Peterson Show” to talk about prison reform.

Chuck DeVore on the John Phillips Show

Right on Crime | January 31, 2014
John Phillips hosts Chuck DeVore as he talks about his testimony before California’s Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review.

Chuck DeVore discusses CA reforms with the LaDona Harvey Show

Right on Crime | January 31, 2014
Following his testimony before California’s Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review, Chuck DeVore sat down with KOGO’s LaDona Harvey out of San Digeo to reiterate the prison reform successes…

Marc Levin’s research cited in TX Tribune’s ‘TribCast’

Right on Crime | January 30, 2014
During this week’s edition of The Texas Tribune‘s political podcast ‘TribCast,’ ROC policy director Marc Levin’s research regarding cost of incarceration vs. rehabilitation is discussed as the contributors talk…

ROC discusses decriminalization of marijuana with “The Chad Hasty Show”

Right on Crime | January 28, 2014
Senior Policy Analyst Vikrant Reddy sits down with KFYO’s “The Chad Hasty Show” to talk about Gov. Rick Perry’s remarks regarding the decriminalization of marijuana in Texas. Click here…
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