Randy Hunt interviews ROC’s Jerry Madden on TX prison reforms

Right on Crime | January 3, 2014
Randy Hunt, CPA and 5th Barnstable District Massachusetts state representative, interviewed Jerry Madden, ROC signatory and former Chairman of the Committee on Corrections in Texas, about how he managed…

NACDL’s “The Criminal Docket”

Right on Crime | December 16, 2013
The Congressional Task Force on Overcriminalization held its fourth hearing in November. Composed of five Democrats and five Republicans, the Task Force, which awaits reauthorization after its November 30…

Jerry Madden testifies before the New Mexico Legislature

Right on Crime | November 26, 2013
ROC’s Jerry Madden will testify before the New Mexico Legislature’s Criminal Justice Reform Subcommittee on November 26 at 10AM CT. Click here to listen live.

Vikrant Reddy: Overcriminalization, Overincarceration: A Conservative Response

Right on Crime | October 29, 2013
Vikrant discusses reasons prominent conservative political leaders are shunning the “lock ’em up and throw away the key” approach to crime and embracing a view that the nation has…

Vikrant Reddy on “The Lars Larson Show”

Right on Crime | October 23, 2013
ROC policy analyst Vikrant Reddy discusses his Fox News piece “Three myths about conservatives and criminal justice.”

Vikrant P. Reddy on “The Source”

Right on Crime | September 4, 2013
Click here to listen to Vikrant’s full interview with Texas Public Radio’s “The Source.”

Marc Levin on ‘Beyond the Beltway’

Right on Crime | August 21, 2013
Marc discusses Right on Crime and Eric Holder’s announcement regarding federal prison reforms on Beyond the Beltway with Bruce DuMont

NPR Weekend Edition Saturday: “What’s Wrong With Mandatory Sentencing?”

Right on Crime | August 17, 2013
Marc Levin: “[there] are better ways to [hold offenders accountable] than mandatory minimums, particularly when it comes to non-violent offenders. And we think that the attorney general is a…

Grover Norquist on The Mike Huckabee Show

Right on Crime | August 13, 2013
Listen to Grover Norquist discuss effective criminal justice reforms on The Mike Huckabee Show

Vikrant Reddy on NPR’s “All Things Considered”

Right on Crime | August 12, 2013
“[These reforms] have already been happening at the state level and, in particular, [they’ve] been happening in a lot of very prominent conservative states.” Click here to listen to…
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