Vikrant P. Reddy on NPR’s ‘Tell Me More with Michel Martin’

Right on Crime | July 30, 2013
“It’s obvious that if you lock more people up you’re going to have less crime, just because you’ve incapacitated people. But of course, the problem is that at a…

Podcast with Nebraska Senator Brad Ashford

Right on Crime | July 17, 2013
In this podcast, Senator Brad Ashford of Nebraska speaks about LB 561, a bill that institutes major reforms of the Nebraska juvenile justice system. Read more

Radio ads running in Oregon

Right on Crime | May 14, 2013
Our Right on Crime radio ads are live in Oregon! You can listen to them by clicking the links below:    

Vikrant P. Reddy on the Bill Bennett radio show

Right on Crime | May 10, 2013
Here is the audio from Right on Crime policy analyst Vikrant Reddy’s appearance on the nationally syndicated Bill Bennett radio show. Bill is a signatory to the Right on…

Grover Norquist on Michael Medved radio show

Right on Crime | May 9, 2013
Here is a partial transcript from a recent Michael Medved radio show, where he interviewed signatory Grover Norquist about our work on criminal justice reform. They discussed the conservative…

Audio: GA Rep. Jay Neal Sentencing Reform Testimony in OR

Right on Crime | April 19, 2013
Georgia Representative Jay Neal testified in Salem,OR in favor of sentencing reforms.  To listen to the audio, click the link below: Bill Meyer Show Podcast The Bill Meyer Show…

Vikrant P. Reddy interviewed by Daily Caller’s Matt Lewis

Right on Crime | April 11, 2013
Vikrant Reddy joined The Daily Caller’s Matt Lewis today to talk about conservative ideas for criminal justice reform. They spoke about Senator Rand Paul’s speech to Howard University yesterday,…

Kelly McCutchen on WGAU 1340AM – Talking Juvenile Justice Reform in Georgia

Right on Crime | March 25, 2013
Listen to this radio interview of Georgia Public Policy Foundation’s Kelly McCutchen talk about juvenile justice reform in Georgia on talk radio station WGAU 1340AM in Georgia. The interview…

Georgia State Rep. Jay Neal on Oregon talk radio

Right on Crime | March 18, 2013
Listen to Georgia State Rep. Jay Neal discuss criminal justice reform in Georgia on the Bill Meyer radio show in Oregon. He makes a solid case for reforming the…

Marc Levin on NPR’s On Point radio show

Right on Crime | February 21, 2013
Policy Director Marc Levin appeared on NPR’s On Point radio show to discuss the costs of prisons. Here is the link. Right on Crime supports applying the principles of…

Putting “Corrections” Back in State Jails

Right on Crime | December 13, 2012
My Right On Crime colleague Jeanette Moll has been receiving considerable attention throughout Texas for her recent publication, Putting “Corrections” Back in State Jails. The state jails were first…

Beyond the Beltway with Bruce Dumont

Right on Crime | November 30, 2012
Over the weekend, Marc Levin of Right Crime appeared on the nationally-syndicated radio program, Beyond the Beltway, hosted by Bruce DuMont. Levin was not only interviewed, he also took…
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