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BBC Radio: Why Texas is Closing Prisons in Favor of Rehab

Right on Crime | December 2, 2014
A few weeks ago, the BBC sent former David Cameron speechwriter Danny Kruger to Texas to look into the successes of that state’s criminal justice reforms. The first stop…

“Reaching the Tipping Point”

Right on Crime | November 25, 2014
Right on Crime’s Director, Marc Levin, was invited to participate in a panel discussion, hosted by Charles Koch Institute on what Congress and the Administration can do to change the…

Chuck DeVore Talks Right on Crime on the Rick Amato Show

Right on Crime | November 22, 2014
This past week Chuck DeVore, Vice President of Policy at the Texas Public Policy Foundation, sat down with Rick Amato on the OneAmerica Network to discuss criminal justice issues…

Giving Kids Adult Records: Cohen and Fowler in the Dallas Morning News

Right on Crime | October 24, 2014
The Dallas Morning News published a piece by Right on Crime policy analyst Derek Cohen and Deborah Fowler, deputy director for Texas Appleseed. They write that, despite large criminal justice reform…

Overcriminalization in America: No Home for Justice

Right on Crime | October 21, 2014
Overcriminalization in America: No Home for Justice Read more

Federalist Society Podcast with Pat Nolan and Marc Levin

Right on Crime | October 1, 2014
Right On Crimes’ Policy Director Marc Levin and Pat Nolan, Director of the Center for Criminal Justice Reform at the American Conservative Union Foundation and Right on Crime fellow,…

WTTW PBS Chicago – Marc Levin Testifies at an Illinois Joint Criminal Justice Reform Committee

Right on Crime | September 24, 2014
Right on Crime Policy Director Marc Levin testified at an Illinois State Joint Criminal Justice Reform Committee hearing this week. WTTW11 PBS Chicago shares Levin’s testimony specifically related to…

Marc Levin Testifies on Criminal Justice Reform Successes in Tennessee

Right on Crime | September 17, 2014
Right on Crime Policy Director Marc Levin testified at a Tennessee State Senate hearing entitled, “Criminal Justice Reform: What Other States Have Done.” He described the successful efforts in…

DeVore: Conservative Reforms to Curb Criminal Recidivism

Right on Crime | August 31, 2014
This week, Fox Business’ The Independents continued their earlier conversation with Chuck DeVore, the Vice President for Policy at the Texas Public Policy Foundation– this time, showcasing the Right on Crime campaign.…

DeVore: We’re Not Getting Our Money’s Worth from an Ineffective Criminal Justice System

Right on Crime | August 20, 2014
Texas Public Policy Foundation Vice President Chuck DeVore appeared on Fox Business’ The Independents on Tuesday night to discuss his experience restoring order in the National Guard during the…

Rick Perry: The Success of Texas’ Criminal Justice Reforms

Right on Crime | August 15, 2014
In a speech at the annual RedState Gathering in Fort Worth, Gov. Rick Perry mentioned the common-sense, conservative criminal justice reforms that have done so much to lower crime…

ROC’s Pat Nolan on PBS Newshour: Debating Criminal Justice Reform

Right on Crime | August 13, 2014
Right on Crime’s Pat Nolan appears on PBS Newshour to discuss criminal justice reform. From the website’s description: The calls to address prison crowding and conditions have intensified as…
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