Randy Petersen on ‘The Lars Larson Show’: Policing Is A “Uniquely Local” Idea

Michael Haugen | January 18, 2017
Randy Petersen, our senior researcher of policing, recently appeared on “The Lars Larson Show” to discuss his latest commentary in The Hill, which pushes back against suggestions that have…

Author Steven Teles Discusses Genesis of Conservative Justice Reform Efforts on ‘The Federalist Radio Hour’

Michael Haugen | July 12, 2016
In this edition of the ‘The Federalist Radio Hour,’ senior writer Mary Katherine Ham interviews Steven Teles, associate professor of political science at Johns Hopkins University and author of Prison Break:…

Policy Analyst Joe Luppino-Esposito Joins ‘The Scott Adams Show’ to Discuss Criminal Records

Michael Haugen | June 21, 2016
In this interview, policy analyst Joe Luppino-Esposito joins “The Scott Adams Show” to discuss how the current administration is setting various policies regarding the use of criminal records for…

Right On Crime in Texas Monthly

Right on Crime | January 27, 2014
In response to Governor Perry’s remarks concerning the decriminalization of marijuana, this article by Texas Monthly credits Right On Crime’s reform policies with helping to reduce Texas’ incarceration rates.…

The New York Times: “America on Probation”

Right on Crime | January 27, 2014
“Restoring common sense to sentencing is the obvious first step in downsizing prisons.” In his latest op-ed, Bill Keller of The New York Times, writes about the issue of…

MSNBC talks prison reform

Right on Crime | January 22, 2014
Betsy Woodruff, author of the National Review article ‘Bipartisan Prison Reform,’ discusses the changing climate of criminal justice reform with MSNBC’s ‘The Cycle.’

Dallas Morning News: “Why Texas businesses back reforming the state’s criminal justice system”

Right on Crime | January 19, 2014
The president and CEO of the Texas Association of Business explains why the business community should care about the Lone Star State’s criminal justice system in this Dallas Morning…

“GOP seeks to skirt danger on prisons”

Right on Crime | January 19, 2014
In this AP article, Right on Crime’s policies are touted for “holding prisons accountable for the dollars they spend.”

TX vs. CA on prison reform

Right on Crime | January 13, 2014
Chuck DeVore, Vice President for Policy at the Texas Public Policy Foundation, talks to San Diego’s ‘U-T TV’ about the differences between Texas and California in respect to each…

A coalition on prisons

Right on Crime | January 12, 2014
Louisiana leads the nation in incarceration. The state’s prison population doubled during the past couple of decades. As discussed in The Advocate, Kevin Kane of the Pelican Institute, along…

Omaha World Herald: Nebraska prisons failing at rehabilitation programs

Right on Crime | January 12, 2014
Right on Crime Policy Director Marc Levin is quoted in this Omaha World Herald article that discusses the inadequacies of Nebraska’s prison system. Marc Levin, who helped guide a prison reform…

Rep. Ray Allen talks ROC with YNN

Right on Crime | January 2, 2014
Criminal justice reform has been a big topic for political leaders lately. Earlier this year, the justice department announced it would stop pursuing mandatory minimum sentences for certain nonviolent…
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