Bryant, Hood team up on justice issues

Right on Crime | October 31, 2013
In Mississippi, there is bipartisan support to change the state’s criminal justice system.

Mississippi Leaders Work to Reduce Prison Costs

Right on Crime | October 30, 2013
“Mississippi leaders are pledging bipartisan cooperation to make the state’s criminal justice system more effective and less expensive.” Click here to read the whole article.

Lawmakers launch rewrite of N.M. criminal laws

Right on Crime | October 29, 2013
New Mexico Legislature forms a Criminal Justice Reform Committee with the aim to re-write the state’s criminal code. Read the full story here.

ROC in The New York Times: “A Bid to Keep Youths Out of Adult Prisons”

Right on Crime | October 29, 2013
In this The New York Times story, ROC signatory and Colorado State Representative B.J. Nikkel credits Right on Crime for influencing her work on a bill to keep juvenile…

The Pelican Institute on how to reduce Louisiana’s prison population

Right on Crime | October 24, 2013
Louisiana leads the world in the number of people it imprisons, but the Pelican Institute, along with Texas Public Policy Foundation, have developed model legislation to remedy this problem.…

Vikrant Reddy on “The Lars Larson Show”

Right on Crime | October 23, 2013
ROC policy analyst Vikrant Reddy discusses his Fox News piece “Three myths about conservatives and criminal justice.”

“Forfeiture In Michigan”

Right on Crime | October 21, 2013
Michigan Capitol Confidential: Bipartisan House bill would bring transparency to law enforcement seizing property without criminal charges. Read the whole story here.

National Review Online: “Conservative Governors Take On the Mugshot Racket”

Right on Crime | October 18, 2013
In this National Review Online piece, Vikrant Reddy takes on the issue of ‘mugshot extortion,’ saying “This presents a significant burden to exoffenders trying to obtain gainful employment and…

Vikrant Reddy on Denial of Cert in ‘Saint Joseph Abbey v. Castille’

Right on Crime | October 16, 2013
In this National Review Online article, ROC policy analyst Vikrant Reddy discusses the ruling of Saint Joseph Abbey v. Castille, a case about the unlicensed sale of a funeral…

Vikrant Reddy: “Three myths about conservatives and criminal justice”

Right on Crime | October 11, 2013
Vikrant Reddy details 3 myths about conservatives and criminal justice – and proves why they aren’t true. Read the whole article here.

Rollins: Criminal justice reform — Texas style

Right on Crime | October 7, 2013
“October is Crime Prevention Month, and I am reminded that not long ago people spoke of the “Texas Model” as a purely punitive approach to criminal justice. Decades of…

Fox News: “Conservatives join push to roll back mandatory prison sentences”

Right on Crime | September 30, 2013
Following Marc Levin’s testimony before the U.S. Judiciary Committee, this Fox News story features Right on Crime, noting that “The project has since been part of recent, successful efforts…
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