Thousands of harmless activities are now classified as crimes in the United States. These are not typical common law crimes such as murder, rape, or theft. Instead they encompass a series of business activities such as importing orchids without the proper paperwork, shipping lobster tails in plastic bags, and even failing to return a library book.

Frog Over-criminalization

Manfred Wendt | July 12, 2017
Every state has laws on the regulation of catching certain wildlife and for good reason. We don’t want our waters overfished or our wildlife overhunted. However, we must be…

Watch: Urgent Need for Criminal Justice Reform in Oklahoma

Andrew Speno | July 6, 2017
In this interview on Flashpoint, a highly rated political talk show airing on Oklahoma City’s NBC affiliate, Right On Crime State Director Andrew Speno explains the importance and urgency…

Louisiana Felony Class System Task Force to begin in September

Elain Ellerbe | July 6, 2017
When the Justice Reinvestment Task Force recommendations were released in March, the comprehensive report included a recommendation to the legislature to restructure Louisiana’s 600-plus list of crimes with individual…

Opioid Crisis Needs Safety Valves

Chelsea Murphy | July 5, 2017
The opioid crisis plaguing the country has hit Florida hard. To combat this epidemic, many lawmakers and law enforcement have pushed for harsh mandatory minimum sentences for possessors and…

Louisiana’s #1 Ranking is Slipping

Elain Ellerbe | June 29, 2017
But that’s a good thing since we’re talking about Louisiana no longer being marked as the number one incarcerator in the world.  During the 2017 legislative session, with Right…

Criminal Justice Reform Summit | Austin, TX

Katie Greer | June 14, 2017
Think tank leaders and reform advocates from all over the country traveled to Austin on June 7 to gain insight on major issues affecting the criminal justice movement at…

Counting Criminal Justice to Save Money and Improve Public Safety

Chelsea Murphy | May 24, 2017
This article by Chelsea Murphy, Florida director at Right on Crime, and Richard Doran, former attorney general of Florida, originally appeared in Tampa Bay Times on May 23, 2017. Here’s an…

Opioid Addictions Won’t be Cured by Tough Sentences

Right on Crime | May 23, 2017
This article by Right on Crime signatories, Newt Gingrich and Pat Nolan, originally appeared in Fox News on May 22, 2017. One of the most important promises President Trump made…

The Conservative Case for Sentencing Reform in Louisiana

Katie Greer | May 16, 2017
This article, written by Right on Crime signatory David Keene, originally appeared in The Times-Picayune on May 2, 2017. As is well known by now to anyone paying attention, Louisiana’s…

New Video Sheds Light on Overcriminalization

Michael Haugen | April 3, 2017
In a video originally posted over at Legal Insurrection, the folks at Learn Liberty have produced a short YouTube video highlighting several of the issues attendant with overcriminalization in…

In Arizona, One Man Faces Criminal Penalties for Cutting the Homeless’ Hair Without a License

Michael Haugen | February 10, 2017
As the saying goes, good deeds never go unpunished. A Tucson man is finding this out the hard way as he’s currently under investigation by Arizona’s State Board of…

Dismal, Reactionary Views About Future of Criminal Justice Reform Are Unfounded

Haley Holik | December 5, 2016
Following the results of the presidential election, some critics predicted the stalling of criminal justice reform. They questioned how the movement could possibly advance during the president-elect’s approaching term.…
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