The Criminal Justice Challenge

History, What’s Gone Wrong, Cost to the Taxpayer – Ensuring public safety while checking government power and spending

Mother Jones: “How Conservatives Learned to Love Prison Reform”

Right on Crime | February 25, 2014
In this article, Shane Bauer tells the story of how Marc Levin and Right on Crime have changed, and continue to change, the way America thinks about criminal justice.…

Watch Chuck DeVore testify before California’s Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee

Right on Crime | January 31, 2014
The Golden State to get right on crime? Chuck DeVore testifies before the California's Committee on Budget & Fiscal Review. Read more

TPPF VP of Policy to testify before California’s Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review

Right on Crime | January 30, 2014
Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Vice President of Policy Chuck DeVore will testify before California’s Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review on January 30, 2014 at 9:30 a.m. Pacific Time.…

Justice Fellowship: Congress Tees Up Bipartisan Discussion on Criminal Justice Reform

Right on Crime | January 15, 2014
Congress is poised to pass legislation that would launch a national discussion of the state of the federal criminal justice system. The FY 2014 omnibus spending bill was filed…

The Huffington Post: ‘The Next Big National Policy Shift in One Chart’

Right on Crime | January 2, 2014
  “Led by Grover Norquist and Newt Gingrich, Right on Crime seeks to reduce the number of prisons and prisoners to fight crime, prioritize victims, and protect taxpayers.” Click here to read…

ROC signatory Hal Stratton argues for reform of NM criminal justice system

Right on Crime | December 3, 2013
When Hal Stratton became the first Republican since 1928 to win the race for New Mexico attorney general in 1986, he ran on a “tough on crime” platform. Now a private…

Criminalizing America: How Big Government Makes a Criminal of Every American

Right on Crime | November 8, 2013
“An estimated 4,450 federal crimes and 300,000 federal regulations attach criminal sanctions and penalties to everyday activities average Americans and business owners have little way of knowing are crimes.…

State criminal justice reforms in action

Right on Crime | October 17, 2013
This new ROC infographic gives the facts about criminal justice in Texas and proves that our reforms are effective. Check out the infographic below and and click here to…

ROC Presents Congressman J.C. Watts

Right on Crime | October 3, 2013
Right on Crime sits down with Congressman J.C. Watts to discuss incarceration costs, mandatory minimums and why he signed onto the ROC statement of principles. Click here to watch…
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