AUDIO: Discussion on Solitary Confinement with Former Colorado Corrections Director Rick Raemisch

Right on Crime | March 17, 2020
Marc Levin, V.P. of Criminal Justice at TPPF/Right on Crime, was joined by former Colorado Department of Corrections Director Rick Raemisch to talk about strategies for addressing solitary confinement…

INTERVIEW: TPPF’s Alice Marie Johnson Talks Being Released From Prison, Criminal Justice Reform With Sean Hannity

Right on Crime | February 5, 2020
The Texas Public Policy Foundation’s new senior fellow Alice Marie Johnson joins Sean Hannity’s program to discuss mentoring other inmates while in prison and being released after receiving clemency…

Conservatives send letter to President Trump in support of First Step Act and modest sentencing reforms

Right on Crime | October 18, 2018
Download the letter here. Dear Mr. President, As conservatives who have been actively involved in important criminal justice reform policies for many years, we applaud you for your leadership…

Voters Support Criminal Justice Reform

Right on Crime | September 21, 2018
Recent polls reveal a majority of both GOP and Democrat voters support a variety of criminal justice reform measures. You can download the presentation here or click through the slides…

Advocates Recognize Officials for Ending Administrative Forfeiture in Mississippi

Right on Crime | September 5, 2018
Governor Bryant, Lieutenant Governor Reeves, and Speaker Gunn, We would like to congratulate and recognize the state of Mississippi for being a leader in reforming civil asset forfeiture. We…

Watch: Right on Crime Director Derek Cohen on Texas’ Criminal Justice Overhaul

Katie Greer | August 28, 2018
Right on Crime Director Derek Cohen walked through the history of Texas’ criminal justice overhaul with Judy Maggio of KLRU. The Lone Star State has been called the birthplace…

Conservatives send letter to President Trump in support of FIRST STEP Act

Right on Crime | August 22, 2018
Download the letter here. Dear Mr. President: We write to thank you for your support of the Formerly Incarcerated Reenter Society Transformed Safely Transitioning Every Person (FIRST STEP) Act,…

From Tax Burdens to Tax Payers: A Handbook for Employers

Right on Crime | August 8, 2018
One of the hardest obstacles to overcome when a previously incarcerated person reenters society is the reluctance of employers to hire someone with a criminal background. Right on Crime…

Watch: John Koufos shares story of paying debt to society and working to make communities safe

Katie Greer | July 6, 2018
Right on Crime’s National Director of Reentry Initiatives John Koufos shared his story of how he became dedicated to prison reform on Freedom to Flourish. Koufos was a thriving…

Conservatives urge U.S. Senate to take up prison reform legislation

Right on Crime | June 27, 2018
Dear Majority Leader McConnell and Chairman Grassley: As conservatives, we firmly believe in limited, effective government.  It is paramount to ensure that the scope of government does not grow…

Criminal justice experts weigh in on potential GOP party platform planks

Katie Greer | June 11, 2018
The Texas Republican Party is considering a number of potential platform planks involving criminal justice reform. Just Liberty’s Scott Henson spoke with Right on Crime Director Derek Cohen, and…

Texans Support the FIRST STEP Act

Right on Crime | June 7, 2018
June 7, 2018 Dear Senators Cornyn and Cruz: As Texans, we are getting pretty accustomed to our state leading the nation, whether it is in creating jobs, achieving energy…
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