Support crime victims with real solutions

Katie Greer | April 10, 2018
The criminal justice system exists to uphold public safety. A large part of that responsibility includes delivering justice to victims. However, what that looks like can vary from state…

Senator Hatch’s Bill Protects Americans from Bad Lawmaking

Joe Luppino-Esposito | October 19, 2017
Senator Orrin Hatch has once again shown to be a true leader for criminal justice reform. The Mens Rea Reform Act is a seemingly obvious piece of legislation. However,…

Townhall Interviews Kurt Altman on Conservative Criminal Justice Reform

Right on Crime | October 3, 2017
In this interview with Townhall, Right on Crime’s Arizona State Director, Kurt Altman, gives the rundown on conservative criminal justice reform. As Kurt outlines, Right on Crime’s top priority…
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