Right on Crime praises White House for championing prison reform

Right on Crime | May 18, 2018
Austin, TX — Today, The White House hosted a prison reform summit, bringing together leaders from across the country in the prison reform movement for a conversation about the…

Right on Crime Statement on Judiciary Committee Passage of First Step Act

Right on Crime | May 9, 2018
Austin, TX — The House Judiciary Committee today approved by a vote of 25-5 the Formerly Incarcerated Reenter Society Transformed Safely Transitioning Every Person Act (H.R. 5682).  Sponsored by…

Right on Crime Thanks Oklahoma Legislators for Sending Reform to Governor’s Desk

Right on Crime | April 26, 2018
Austin, TX — On Tuesday, the Oklahoma legislature held final votes in each chamber to send all seven criminal justice reform bills to Governor Fallin that came from the…

Right on Crime’s Statement on Delay of Prison Reform Vote

Right on Crime | April 26, 2018
Austin, TX — The House Judiciary Committee postponed yesterday’s scheduled markup of The Prison Reform and Redemption Act (H.R. 3356), which would provide reentry programming to help reduce recidivism,…

Conservatives urge House Judiciary Committee to take up prison reform legislation

Right on Crime | April 24, 2018
April 23, 2018 Dear Chairman Goodlatte and Members of the United States House Judiciary Committee: As conservatives, we firmly believe in limited, effective government.  It is paramount to ensure…

It’s Time to Fix Our Broken Prison System

Right on Crime | April 18, 2018
This article by Right on Crime signatory Newt Gingrich and marketing director and project coordinator for Gingrich Productions, Audrey Bird, was published by Fox News April 20th 2018.  How big…

Criminal justice reform bill would stop jail revolving door

Marc Levin | February 26, 2018
This article by Marc Levin originally appeared in Clarion Ledger February 26th, 2018. Mississippi lawmakers have impressed conservative policy leaders around the country with their commitment to smart justice…

Data-Driven Reentry Initiative Tackles Recidivism

John Koufos | January 24, 2018
The United States spends roughly 80 billion dollars per year on its various federal, state and local, prison systems.  The return on that investment has been a recidivism rate…

Right on Crime Praises White House for Prison Reform Discussion

Right on Crime | January 10, 2018
Austin, TX — Tomorrow, the White House will hold a meeting with top conservative experts on criminal justice reform.  Brooke Rollins, President of the Texas Public Policy Foundation, home…

Right on Crime Praises Speaker Ryan for Commitment to Criminal Justice Reform

Right on Crime | December 15, 2017
Austin, TX — Right on Crime today praised House Speaker Paul Ryan for his commitment to passing criminal justice reform in 2018.  Several conservative criminal justice reform bills have…

Criminal Sentencing Reform in Georgia has become National Model

Right on Crime | November 20, 2017
This article by Right on Crime Signatories, Newt Gingrich and Kelly McCutchen, originally appeared in The Augusta Chronicle, November 18th, 2017. Texas is celebrating 10 successful years of reform…

Former Governor Mike Huckabee Joins Right on Crime

Right on Crime | September 21, 2017
Austin, TX — Right on Crime today announced the addition of a respected conservative leader committed to conservative criminal justice reform as outlined in its Statement of Principles.  The…
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