The conservative approach to criminal justice:
fighting crime, supporting victims, and protecting taxpayers.

Right on Crime Signatories

Chuck Colson (1931–2012), Prison Fellowship Ministries—In Memoriam

Kevin Kane (1966-2016), Pelican Institute for Public Policy (LA)—In Memoriam



  • Jeb Bush, Former Governor of Florida
  • Robert Ehrlich, Former Maryland Governor
  • Luis Fortuño, Former Puerto Rico Governor
  • Mike Huckabee, Former Arkansas Governor
  • Asa Hutchinson,* Governor of Arkansas;Former U.S. Attorney and Administrator of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration
  • Rick Perry, Former Governor of Texas



  • Jeff Aftwater,Former Florida Senate President
  • Bob Barr, Former Prosecutor, Former Member of the U.S. House of Representatives, Georgia’s 7th District
  • Ken Bell, Former Florida Supreme Court Justice
  • Allan Bense, Former Speaker of the Florida House
  • Ken Blackwell, Former Ohio Secretary of State
  • Dean Cannon,Former Florida Speaker
  • Jim DeMint, Former South Carolina Senator
  • Craig DeRoche,Senior Vice President of Advocacy & Public Policy, Prison Fellowship, Former Speaker of the Michigan House of Representatives
  • Don Gaetz,Former Florida Senate President
  • Andy Gardner, Former Florida Senate President
  • Newt Gingrich, Former Speaker of the House of Representatives;American Solutions for Winning the Future
  • Mike Haridopolis, Former Florida Senate President
  • Bernard Kerik, Former New York City Police Commissioner
  • Jerry Madden, Former Chairman, Texas House of Representatives Corrections Committee
  • B.J. Nikkel, Former House Republican Majority Whip, Colorado House of Representatives
  • Kris Steele, Former Speaker of the Oklahoma House of Representatives
  • Wansley Walters, Former Secretary, Florida Department of Juvenile Justice
  • J.C. Watts, Former Member of the U.S. House of Representatives, Oklahoma’s 4th District
  • Will Weatherford,Former Speaker of the Florida House



  • Ken Cuccinelli, Former Attorney General of Virginia
  • Deborah Daniels, Former U.S. Attorney and U.S. Assistant Attorney General
  • Richard E. Doran, Former Florida Attorney General
  • Mark Earley, Former Virginia Attorney General
  • Edwin Meese, III, Former U.S. Attorney General
  • Jim Petro, Former Ohio Attorney General
  • Hal Stratton, Former New Mexico Attorney General
  • Larry Thompson, Former U.S. Deputy Attorney General
  • Joe Whitley, Former Acting U.S. Associate Attorney General and U.S. Attorney



  • Donna Arduin, Arduin, Laffer & Moore
  • Gary L. Bauer, Former President of theFamily Research Council
  • Adam Brandon, FreedomWorks
  • Ed Corrigan, Conservative Partnership Institute
  • Tom Giovanetti, Institute for Policy Innovation
  • Rebecca Hagelin, Executive Committee of the Council for National Policy
  • Timothy Head, Faith and Freedom Coalition
  • David Keene, Former Chairman of theAmerican Conservative Union
  • Eli Lehrer, R Street Institute
  • Mark Meckler, Citizens for Self-Governance
  • Gene Mills, Louisiana Family Forum
  • Charles Mitchell, Commonwealth Foundation
  • Derek Monson, Sutherland Institute
  • Stephen Moore, The Heritage Foundation
  • Penny Nance, Concerned Women for America
  • Pat Nolan, Director of the Criminal Justice Reform Project at the American Conservative Union Foundation
  • Lisa B. Nelson, American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)
  • Grover Norquist, Americans for Tax Reform
  • Tony Perkins, Family Research Council
  • Ralph Reed, Founder of theFaith and Freedom Coalition
  • Stacie Rumenap, Stop Child Predators
  • Ronald F. Scheberle, American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)
  • Bob Williams, State Budget Solutions
  • Richard Viguerie,



  • William J. Bennett, Former U.S. Secretary of Education and Federal “Drug Czar”
  • L. Brent Bozell, Founder, Media Research Center and Chairman of ForAmerica
  • Monica Crowley, Ph.D., Fox News political analyst
  • Erick Erickson, The Resurgent



  • Brooke Rollins, Texas Public Policy Foundation
  • Connor Boyack, President, Libertas Institute
  • Matthew J. Brouillette, Commonwealth Foundation(PA)
  • Dominic M. Calabro, Florida Tax Watch (FL)
  • Jon Caldara, Independence Institute (CO)
  • Michael Carnuccio, Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs
  • Daniel Erspamer, Pelican Institute (LA)
  • Paul Gessing, Rio Grande Foundation(NM)
  • Dan Greenberg, Advance Arkansas Institute
  • Wayne Hoffman, Idaho Freedom Foundation
  • John Hood, John Locke Foundation(NC)
  • George Kelling, Manhattan Institute, New York
  • Craig Ladwig, Indiana Policy Review Foundation
  • George Liebmann, Calvert Institute for Policy Research(MD)
  • J. Robert McClure, III, James Madison Institute(FL)
  • John S. McCollister,* Platte Institute(NE)
  • Kelly McCutchen, Georgia Public Policy Foundation
  • Sal Nuzzo, James Madison Institute (FL)
  • Justin Owen,The Beacon Center (TN)
  • Brenda Talent, Show-Me Institute(MO)
  • Forest Thigpen, Mississippi Center for Public Policy
  • Mike Thompson, Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy (VA)
  • John Tillman, Illinois Policy Institute (IL), President, Think Freely Media



  • Ward Connerly, American Civil Rights Institute; Former Regent of the University of California
  • John J. DiIulio, Jr., University of Pennsylvania
  • Viet Dinh, Georgetown University Law Center and former U.S. Assistant Attorney General



  • David Barton, WallBuilders
  • Pastor Jack Graham, Prestonwood Baptist Church
  • Bishop Harry Jackson, Hope Christian Church
  • Rabbi Daniel Lapin, American Alliance of Jews and Christians
  • Dr. Russell Moore, Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention (ERLC)



  • Kurt Altman, Attorney, Former Federal and Arizona Prosecutor
  • Brad Cates, Attorney, Former Director of U.S. Justice Department’s Asset Forfeiture Office
  • Donald Devine, Former Director, Office of Personnel Management
  • Sidney Powell, Attorney, Former Federal Prosecutor
  • Matthew Orwig, Former U.S. Attorney, Eastern District of Texas
  • Brett Tolman, Former U.S. Attorney, District of Utah; Former Counsel, Senate Judiciary Committee
  • Susan Broderick, Former Assistant District Attorney, Manhattan District Attorney’s Office



  • Doug Deason, Deason Foundation
  • Stephen Gele, Smith and Fawer
  • B. Wayne Hughes, Jr., Businessman/Philanthropist
  • Henry Juszkiewicz, CEO of Gibson Guitar
  • Jay Lapeyre, Laitram
  • Raul Lopez, Men of Valor
  • Bob Woodson, Center for Neighborhood Enterprise


*denotes signatory emeritus

Right on Crime is a national campaign to promote successful, conservative solutions on American criminal justice policy—reforming the system to ensure public safety, shrink government, and save taxpayers money. By sharing research and policy ideas and mobilizing strong conservative voices, we work to raise awareness of the growing support for effective reforms within the conservative movement. We are transforming the debate on criminal justice in America.