Pretrial Justice in Tennessee

Julie Warren | February 13, 2019
We are all familiar with the tenet that every defendant is innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Americans may not be well versed in the myriad protocols…

New California law terminates bail and risks public safety while Texas seeks reform

Chuck DeVore | September 11, 2018
This article by Chuck DeVore originally appeared in Forbes September 10, 2018. With California Governor Jerry Brown’s signature on Senate Bill 10, the cash bail system, with 15 centuries of…

Money should not come before safety

Julie Warren | July 9, 2018
This blog by Julie Warren was originally published by the Beacon Center July 9th, 2018. The principle of innocent until proven guilty is a bedrock of America’s criminal justice…

Justice system should follow Christian principles

Right on Crime | April 20, 2018
This article by Right on Crime signatory and executive director of the Faith and Freedom Coalition, Timothy Head, originally appeared in The Columbus Dispatch April 20th, 2018. The Faith and…

The Solution to Pre-Trial Release: More Information, Please

Thomas Lyons | January 31, 2018
Determining bond and conditions of pre-trial release is a relatively simple, straightforward process in Wisconsin.  After arrest and a short meeting with an attorney, a magistrate will determine bail. …

Enhancing Pretrial Justice in Alaska

Katie Greer | January 9, 2018
Alaska courts are officially embarking on a new pretrial justice model after overcoming a case of cold feet last Fall. The new model is a product of the state’s…
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