Why faith should lead us on criminal justice reform

Greg Glod | July 20, 2018
This article by Greg Glod originally appeared at The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission July 20, 2018. My grandmother on my mother’s side was born on Zakynthos, a small…

Louisiana’s new incarceration ranking should not be taken lightly or for granted

Elain Ellerbe | June 28, 2018
According to a new report by the Prison Policy Initiative, Oklahoma has now surpassed Louisiana as the largest incarcerator in the United States by rate. Louisiana’s fall in the…

Kentucky Must Now Address Its Prison Overcrowding Issues!

Julie Warren | February 22, 2018
Kentucky is seven weeks into its 2018 legislative session and there are numerous important issues that demand lawmakers’ attention.  Pensions and budgetary issues have, and will continue to consume…

‘Tough on Crime’ is Political Lip Service

Julie Warren | August 31, 2017
In a recent interview with Kentucky Educational Television, Holly Harris, from Justice Action Network, hit the nail on the head in her refute of the effectiveness of the incarceration-first…

Louisiana’s #1 Ranking is Slipping

Elain Ellerbe | June 29, 2017
But that’s a good thing since we’re talking about Louisiana no longer being marked as the number one incarcerator in the world.  During the 2017 legislative session, with Right…

Counting Criminal Justice to Save Money and Improve Public Safety

Chelsea Murphy | May 24, 2017
This article by Chelsea Murphy, Florida director at Right on Crime, and Richard Doran, former attorney general of Florida, originally appeared in Tampa Bay Times on May 23, 2017. Here’s an…

How the Sunshine State Can Shine on Criminal Justice Reform

Right on Crime | March 14, 2017
This essay, written by Marc Levin of Right on Crime and Vikrant Reddy of the Charles Koch Institute, originally appeared in the James Madison Institute’s Spring edition of “The Journal.”…

After CPAC: The Truth About Criminal Justice Reform, Part 2

Michael Haugen | March 11, 2016
Note: This is the second in a series of three articles that counter comments made by Wisconsin sheriff David Clarke during a panel discussion on criminal justice reform at…

Lessons From The States: Federal Criminal Justice Reform

Michael Haugen | October 27, 2015
In a new column published today in Rolling Stone, Iowa senator Chuck Grassley stated, when asked how he came around to advocating reform to the federal prison system, that…

What the Republican Candidates Said About Criminal Justice Reform at the Second Debate

Greg Glod | September 21, 2015
On Wednesday, the top eleven Republican Presidential candidates met at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library for the second Republican debate. The over three-hour marathon discussion focused largely on quibbles…
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