Jerry Madden

Right on Crime in Oklahoma

Andrew Speno | October 25, 2017
Oklahoma lawmakers gathered for a hearing on the interim study on criminal justice reform at the state capitol, Tuesday, October 24th. The Chairman of the study, Rep. Terry O’Donnell…

Right on Crime Celebrates Ten Years of Criminal Justice Reform in Texas

Right on Crime | March 1, 2017
This year, the Texas Public Policy Foundation and Right on Crime celebrate ten years of criminal justice reform efforts in Texas. In 2007, facing the prospect of having to…

Jerry Madden Discusses Texas’ Justice Reform Efforts to ICJC in Melbourne

Right on Crime | September 23, 2016
In this video from the International Criminal Justice Conference in Melbourne, Australia last year, former Texas House Corrections Committee Chairman and Right on Crime senior fellow Jerry Madden shares the…

Right on Crime Commends Speaker Ryan For Leadership On Criminal Justice Reform

Right on Crime | February 5, 2016
Austin, TX—Recent comments by House Speaker Paul Ryan that he will schedule a vote on a criminal justice reform bill this year earned praise from Right on Crime, the…

“Obama’s Missed Opportunity on Criminal Justice Reform”

Michael Haugen | January 14, 2016
Over at the Washington Examiner, Right on Crime signatory Jerry Madden remarks with disappointment that in a State of the Union speech that hinted at a bipartisan opportunity to…

Jerry Madden Joins HuffPost Live To Discuss Growing Momentum For Federal Criminal Justice Reform

Right on Crime | July 30, 2015
Yesterday, Right On Crime Senior Fellow Jerry Madden participated in a panel discussion on HuffPost Live, examining recent legislation that seeks to reform a federal criminal justice system that…

Lawmakers Give Justice Reforms In Texas A Boost

Jerry Madden | July 2, 2015
This article originally appeared in the Houston Chronicle on July 1, 2015. In the past 10 years, Texas has significantly restructured its corrections and criminal justice policy. I had…

Liberty Bell Award Rings for Senior Fellow Jerry Madden

Shannon Tracy | May 21, 2015
Every year the Dallas Association of Young Lawyers (DAYL) awards the Liberty Bell Award to a non-lawyer that “strengthens the effectiveness of the American system of justice.” In April…

Alabama: Desperate Times, Much Needed Measures

Right on Crime | March 6, 2015
Right on Crime senior fellow Jerry Madden has been present and working in Alabama recently, discussing criminal justice reform with that state’s legislators, media and activists. On Tuesday, the Alabama…

Levin and Madden Talk Criminal Justice Reform in Utah

Right on Crime | January 28, 2015
Utah, a state generally capable in the criminal justice world, is now on the precipice of costing taxpayers 500-525 million dollars by building a new prison to ease the…

Harris County Summit: Pretrial and Mental Health Solutions

Right on Crime | January 8, 2015
In December of 2014 professionals from across the board gathered in Harris County to discuss and answer questions about two pressing issues the criminal justice system is facing: pretrial…

Dallas Plans to Take Advantage of the 2007 Cite and Summons Law

Right on Crime | October 10, 2014
Next year, the Dallas Police Department and county officials will make another attempt at reducing the amount of time an officer will spend on nonviolent misdemeanor suspects by taking advantage of…
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