Mandatory Sentencing

All Talk and No Action: Arizona’s Mandatory Drug Sentencing

Right on Crime | March 5, 2019
Right on Crime’s Greg Glod, Director of State Initiatives, examines Arizona’s broad, and often confusing, mandatory drug sentencing laws. While many mandatory minimum sentencing laws, particularly for drug offenses,…

Florida Poll Reveals Strong Support for Criminal Justice Reform

Right on Crime | November 15, 2017
A poll commissioned by Right on Crime and conducted by Fabrizio, Lee & Associates revealed a majority of registered voters in Florida support a number of criminal justice reforms.…

Watch: Urgent Need for Criminal Justice Reform in Oklahoma

Andrew Speno | July 6, 2017
In this interview on Flashpoint, a highly rated political talk show airing on Oklahoma City’s NBC affiliate, Right On Crime State Director Andrew Speno explains the importance and urgency…

Nathanael Ferguson: Criminal Justice Reform Is A ‘Moral Imperative’

Michael Haugen | May 13, 2016
In a new column over at Ricochet, Nathanael Ferguson, executive director of Texas Action, takes umbrage with recent suggestions that criminal justice reform is “misguided,” instead saying that the…

ROC Signatory David Keene to Justice Reformers: Search for Real-World Solutions

Right on Crime | November 12, 2015
As the nation gears up for the holiday season and 2016 presidential campaign, Right on Crime Signatory David Keene encourages policy makers and advocates to seek real, rather than…

Lessons From The States: Federal Criminal Justice Reform

Michael Haugen | October 27, 2015
In a new column published today in Rolling Stone, Iowa senator Chuck Grassley stated, when asked how he came around to advocating reform to the federal prison system, that…

The Truth About Federal Sentencing Reform

Michael Haugen | October 6, 2015
In a piece posted at Breitbart on Sunday, columnist Ben Shapiro takes issue with the “Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act” unveiled last week in the Senate, suggesting that the…
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