Marc Levin

Stakeholders Discuss Major Georgia Justice Reforms

Right on Crime | April 14, 2015
In past years Georgia has seen the same increase in crime and incarceration as the rest of the nation. “Tough on Crime” legislation led to steeply increased prison populations.…

Levin and Madden Talk Criminal Justice Reform in Utah

Right on Crime | January 28, 2015
Utah, a state generally capable in the criminal justice world, is now on the precipice of costing taxpayers 500-525 million dollars by building a new prison to ease the…

ROC Presents an Agenda for Criminal Justice in Texas

Derek M. Cohen | January 27, 2015
At the start of Texas’ legislative season, Right on Crime’s Marc Levin and Derek Cohen took to the pages of the Texas Tribune to outline a conservative approach to…

Harris County Summit: Pretrial and Mental Health Solutions

Right on Crime | January 8, 2015
In December of 2014 professionals from across the board gathered in Harris County to discuss and answer questions about two pressing issues the criminal justice system is facing: pretrial…

“Reaching the Tipping Point”

Right on Crime | November 25, 2014
Right on Crime’s Director, Marc Levin, was invited to participate in a panel discussion, hosted by Charles Koch Institute on what Congress and the Administration can do to change the…

Levin featured in Federalist Society debate on Criminal Sentencing Reform

Right on Crime | November 21, 2014
Although prison populations at the federal level have very recently declined for the first time in decades, prisoner population at the state level rose. The cost of crime, some…

Cutting Costs and Crime: Levin Quoted in New York Times

Right on Crime | October 25, 2014
People across the country are beginning to wonder whether or not we are incarcerating ourselves out of an economy. After massive crackdowns on crime in the 90’s created hosts…

Right on Crime Featured in “State of Incarceration”

Right on Crime | October 14, 2014
State of Incarceration, a documentary directed by Andrew Gregg in association with CBC, was released last week on Canada Public Television. The film investigates where Canada’s criminal justice system…

Moving Beyond “Sound Bites”: National Journal on How Right on Crime Has Changed Conservative Thinking on Criminal Justice

Right on Crime | October 3, 2014
The National Journal‘s Emma Roller covers the changes in conservative attitudes towards criminal justice policy, singling out the Right on Crime campaign for contributing to this important shift. Forty…

Federalist Society Podcast with Pat Nolan and Marc Levin

Right on Crime | October 1, 2014
Right On Crimes’ Policy Director Marc Levin and Pat Nolan, Director of the Center for Criminal Justice Reform at the American Conservative Union Foundation and Right on Crime fellow,…

WTTW PBS Chicago – Marc Levin Testifies at an Illinois Joint Criminal Justice Reform Committee

Right on Crime | September 24, 2014
Right on Crime Policy Director Marc Levin testified at an Illinois State Joint Criminal Justice Reform Committee hearing this week. WTTW11 PBS Chicago shares Levin’s testimony specifically related to…

Marc Levin Testifies on Criminal Justice Reform Successes in Tennessee

Right on Crime | September 17, 2014
Right on Crime Policy Director Marc Levin testified at a Tennessee State Senate hearing entitled, “Criminal Justice Reform: What Other States Have Done.” He described the successful efforts in…
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