Mens Rea

Right on Crime Partners with the Pelican Institute to Offer Louisiana Public Safety and Criminal Justice Reform Solutions

Right on Crime | February 12, 2019
Solutions would build on successes of 2017 state reforms and offer insights into new policy needs Please click to view the issue solutions papers regarding mens rea and civil asset forfeiture from Right…

Senator Hatch Introduces Bill to Strengthen Criminal Intent Protections

Katie Greer | October 3, 2017
Senator Orrin Hatch brought the issue of over-criminalization to the Senate floor Monday afternoon. With the ever-increasing number of regulations on the books, he underscored the importance of ‘criminal…

New Video Sheds Light on Overcriminalization

Michael Haugen | April 3, 2017
In a video originally posted over at Legal Insurrection, the folks at Learn Liberty have produced a short YouTube video highlighting several of the issues attendant with overcriminalization in…

Signatory Jim Petro: Confusion About Criminal Intent Standards Shouldn’t Imperil Needed Reform

Michael Haugen | February 10, 2016
In a new column published yesterday over at The Hill, former Ohio Attorney General and Right on Crime signatory Jim Petro highlights some of the dynamics of Congressional legislation…

“Obama’s Missed Opportunity on Criminal Justice Reform”

Michael Haugen | January 14, 2016
Over at the Washington Examiner, Right on Crime signatory Jerry Madden remarks with disappointment that in a State of the Union speech that hinted at a bipartisan opportunity to…

State of the Union Speech Reminds Us That Conservatives Will Continue to Lead on Federal Criminal Justice Reform

Joe Luppino-Esposito | January 13, 2016
If you tuned in to the State of the Union Address to hear about federal criminal justice reform, you would have been disappointed. And if you were a minute…

“The Government’s Overcriminalization Hypocrisy”

Greg Glod | January 5, 2016
This article originally appeared in Real Clear Policy on December 22nd, 2015. In a report released this week, the Government Accountability Office determined that the EPA’s use of social…

“A Real-Life Horror Story: You Are A Felon and You Didn’t Even Know It”

Greg Glod | December 30, 2015
This article originally appeared at Fox News on December 29th, 2015. Krister Evertson is the type of person we all strive to be: Eagle Scout, National Honor Society member,…

Our Voluminous Laws And The Need For ‘Mens Rea’ Reform

Michael Haugen | December 1, 2015
As Congress has begun to consider various reforms to the federal criminal justice system in the last several months—sentencing and re-entry policies in particular—another element of federal law that…

A ‘Weaponized’ Justice Department Demonstrates Need For Mens Rea Reform

Michael Haugen | November 3, 2015
Last Friday, Ilya Shapiro and Randal John Meyer of the Cato Institute published an article at National Review—“Obama’s Weaponized Justice Department”–highlighting an increasing tendency of the department under the…

As Congress Deliberates Justice Reforms, Mens Rea Requirements Deserve Consideration

Michael Haugen | September 2, 2015
In a new memorandum published yesterday over at the Heritage Foundation, legal scholar John Malcolm addressed what he characterized as a “pressing need” for mens rea reform at the…

SCOTUS’ McFadden v. United States Decision A Victory For Mens Rea

Michael Haugen | June 19, 2015
Yesterday, in a fairly short, largely unanimous Supreme Court decision, Justice Clarence Thomas delivered an opinion–Mcfadden v. United States–answering a simple question: how much knowledge is necessary to convict…
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