Right on Crime Signatories Applaud Nebraska’s Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform

Right on Crime | April 28, 2016
Nebraska is the most recent state to require a criminal conviction before law enforcement can forfeit someone’s property. A thorough explanation of civil asset forfeiture, as well as specifics…

Civil Asset Forfeiture Has Been Eliminated in the Cornhusker State

Michael Haugen | April 20, 2016
In a boon to innocent property owners in the Cornhusker State, Nebraska has become the 10th state in the country to require a criminal conviction in all or most…

Securing Nebraska: Correctional Policy Improvements in the Cornhusker State

Marc Levin | April 24, 2015
Applying successful reforms from other states can help Nebraska improve public safety and control costs in the state’s correctional system. Currently the state’s prisons are operating well over capacity,…
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