“Just Do Your Job” Means Something Different for Police Officers

Randy Petersen | November 9, 2018
Sergeant Ron Helus arrived at the scene of an active shooter in Thousand Oaks, California within three minutes of receiving calls for help and did what he was trained…

People complaining about police in Parkland need to celebrate the hero cops in Austin

Randy Petersen | March 29, 2018
This article by Randy Petersen was originally published by the Daily Caller March 29th, 2018. If the shooting in Parkland, Florida was a call for us to consider the sometimes…

Our police need better training. Florida school shooting failures make this more imperative.

Randy Petersen | March 13, 2018
This article by Randy Petersen originally appeared in Fox News March 13th, 2018. The 24-hour news cycle provides no shortage of incidents that illustrate the need for police reforms…
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