Governor Hutchinson and the Arkansas Department of Corrections Show a Smarter Way to Fight COVID-19 in State Prisons

John Koufos | June 2, 2020
Like state prisons across the country, prisons in Arkansas are too crowded to safely deal with the highly contagious COVID-19 pandemic. Already strained for capacity before the pandemic, Arkansas prisons…

Fixing Kentucky’s Prison Overcrowding Problem

Julie Warren | September 14, 2017
They say the first step to fixing a problem is to recognize that there is a problem. I give a lot of credit to the leadership in Kentucky. They…

Yes, Tennessee is Ready for Justice Reform

Julie Warren | August 8, 2017
Increasingly, I approach the news with a certain amount of dread—especially the local news that seems to greet me every morning with a rundown of the violent crime that…

Ten Years of Criminal Justice Reform in Texas

Michael Haugen | August 1, 2017
This essay originally appeared in the July edition of Veritas, a quarterly publication of the Texas Public Policy Foundation. If one were to search for an example to prove correct the old…

Joint Finance Committee Tackles Prisoner Treatment Options

Thomas Lyons | July 24, 2017
Wisconsin’s Joint Finance Committee, the group in charge of modifying Governor Walker’s budget, took decisive action towards improving treatment opportunities for prisoners. In 1999, Wisconsin implemented truth in sentencing. …

The Conservative Case for Sentencing Reform in Louisiana

Katie Greer | May 16, 2017
This article, written by Right on Crime signatory David Keene, originally appeared in The Times-Picayune on May 2, 2017. As is well known by now to anyone paying attention, Louisiana’s…

Texas Should Close Prisons, but Strengthen Alternatives

Marc Levin | May 9, 2017
This article, written by Marc Levin, originally appeared in Houston Chronicle on May 8, 2017. Texas has gained national acclaim for closing prisons while achieving declines in crime that exceed…

Tony Perkins Makes Case for Criminal Justice Reform in Louisiana

Katie Greer | April 20, 2017
Criminal justice reform could improve public safety while saving Louisiana hundreds of millions of dollars. That was the message delivered at Tuesday’s breakfast briefing jointly hosted by Right on…

How the Sunshine State Can Shine on Criminal Justice Reform

Right on Crime | March 14, 2017
This essay, written by Marc Levin of Right on Crime and Vikrant Reddy of the Charles Koch Institute, originally appeared in the James Madison Institute’s Spring edition of “The Journal.”…

Alaska’s Senate Bill 91 Draws On A Decade of Conservative Criminal Justice Reforms

Michael Haugen | May 9, 2016
Facing the prospect of a projected 27% increase to its prison population in the next ten years—at an additional cost to taxpayers of $169 million—Alaskan legislators are on the…

Marc Levin: Being ‘Right on Crime’ Means ‘Right-Sizing the Prison System’

Michael Haugen | December 3, 2015
Last month, Avni Majithia-Sejpal, senior writer for the Center for Court Innovation, interviewed Right on Crime Policy Director Marc Levin at the ‘Reinvesting in Justice’ conference in Dallas about…

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson Makes Forceful Case for Conservative Justice Reform

Michael Haugen | November 12, 2015
Last week, Arkansas Governor and Right on Crime signatory emeritus Asa Hutchinson gave the keynote address at the Charles Koch Institute’s “Advancing Justice” summit in New Orleans. As part…
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