Community Supervision in Wisconsin

Thomas Lyons | June 11, 2019
Tom Lyons, Right on Crime’s state director for Wisconsin, provides a policy brief of the state’s community supervision apparatus and discusses some of its challenges – including the higher-than-average…

New Report Highlights Wisconsin’s Unsuccessful Community Supervision

Thomas Lyons | February 28, 2019
Recently, a new report was released by Columbia University’s Justice Lab that examines how Wisconsin’s approach to community supervision is different from other states—with the result being a more expensive…

Partners in Hope: A Journey of Second Chances

Right on Crime | November 15, 2018
This post originally appeared as a press release at the Badger Institute, our SPN partner in Wisconsin, on November 14, 2018. Imagine a prisoner reentry program where the mentors…

The conservative voice for criminal justice reform grows

Thomas Lyons | September 24, 2018
Like too many states, Wisconsin is facing a dual problem of overcrowded and aging correctional institutions combined with a failing prison system.  The issue has made many headlines over…

Vocational training programs can fill labor gaps

Thomas Lyons | August 9, 2018
Wisconsin is confronting a skilled labor shortage and a state prison system operating above capacity.  Neither of these problems have popped up overnight.  The causes of these two phenomena…

Wisconsin enacts asset forfeiture reform

Thomas Lyons | April 30, 2018
Governor Walker signed into law a large overhaul of the state’s use of civil asset forfeiture.  The overall effect of Act 211 is a greater protection for individual property…

Dismissed cases should not be on your record forever

Thomas Lyons | March 14, 2018
Let’s say twenty five years ago, you and your freshman college roommate are riding in his car when an officer decides to stop the vehicle.  The officer discovers a…

The Solution to Pre-Trial Release: More Information, Please

Thomas Lyons | January 31, 2018
Determining bond and conditions of pre-trial release is a relatively simple, straightforward process in Wisconsin.  After arrest and a short meeting with an attorney, a magistrate will determine bail. …

The Problems with Revocation Part 2:  The Hearing

Thomas Lyons | December 18, 2017
Taking away a person’s liberty is serious business.  Our common law, Constitution, and statutes set up a rigorous process designed to get to the truth of the matter and…

Criminal Convictions and Occupational Licensure Reform

Thomas Lyons | September 27, 2017
Occupational licensure reform is getting a good hard look by the Wisconsin Legislature. Like many states, Wisconsin has seen a significant jump in the number of professions that require…

Wisconsin Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Inches Towards Reality

Thomas Lyons | September 20, 2017
The Senate Labor and Regulatory Reform Committee passed comprehensive civil asset forfeiture reform on a 3-2 vote.  The vote allows the full Senate to take up the measure. The…

Signs of Change in Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office

Thomas Lyons | September 15, 2017
David Clarke, Milwaukee County’s long serving and outspoken sheriff, has resigned. For real this time. Ever since he became sheriff in 2002, Clarke has presented himself as a tough…
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