Levin & Reddy: Conservatives Welcome Eric Holder to the Criminal-Justice-Reform Bandwagon

In this National Review piece, Marc Levin and Vikrant Reddy state: “Since 2010, conservative legislatures in Ohio, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and South Dakota have passed major criminal-justice-reform packages. In 2007, Texas passed a reform package that avoided nearly $2 billion in prison construction costs by dedicating a far smaller amount to drug courts, electronic monitoring, and improved parole and probation monitoring of non-violent offenders. Six years later, Texas’s crime rate had reached its lowest point since 1968, and the legislature had authorized three prison closures.”



CBS News: Holder’s sentencing move highlights rare bipartisan issue

Right on Crime | August 13, 2013
Vikrant Reddy in CBS News: “I guess it’s possible some people will be alarmed by the fact the administration is trying to do this by fiat, but ultimately I’m…
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