Candidates Take Criminal Justice Stances

Michael Tanner of the Cato Institute pointed out today that the expected upcoming 2016 candidates are clearly making their opinions on criminal justice reform known, an issue expected to be a defining one in the coming election. Two candidates have done so by becoming signatories for Right on Crime.

“[T]his month, Perry has joined Right on Crime, a project of the conservative Texas Public Policy Foundation, which hopes to promote sentencing reform and other alternatives to wholesale incarceration.”

“[T]oday he [Bush] supports reforming the criminal-justice system, warning that incarceration can turn low-level lawbreakers into hardened career criminals. Like Perry, Bush has signed onto the Right on Crime initiative.”

Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Rick Perry were noted for their specific efforts in the area, such as the prison closures that Perry and Right on Crime were involved in over the years.

The issue is swiftly gaining in prominence and is predicted to be a seminal issue in the campaigns, but clearly is already something that candidates are covering.



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