AUDIO: Discussion on Solitary Confinement with Former Colorado Corrections Director Rick Raemisch

Marc Levin, V.P. of Criminal Justice at TPPF/Right on Crime, was joined by former Colorado Department of Corrections Director Rick Raemisch to talk about strategies for addressing solitary confinement that improve safety inside and outside of prisons while respecting the dignity of every person. Raemisch described the pioneering work in Colorado that resulted in eliminating periods of isolation longer than 15 days while at the same time reducing violence within the state’s prisons. Raemisch noted that in the same units which were formerly Supermax solitary cells, some of the same prisoners are participating in vocational programs and being hired by employers before they are discharged. Raemisch shared insights about many of the findings and recommendations in TPPF’s recent paper on solitary confinement and recounted his efforts that have helped other corrections systems safely rein in the use of prolonged solitary confinement.



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