TPPF Applauds Gov. Abbott’s Leadership on Public Safety

Following Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s State of the State address, the Texas Public Policy Foundation and its Citizens Defense and Right on Crime campaigns commend the Governor for making public safety a clear priority by declaring making bail reform, providing police officers with the best possible training and funding, and protecting Second Amendment rights emergency items.

Randy Petersen, Senior Researcher with the Citizens Defense Campaign:

“Governor Abbott’s support for law enforcement was on full display when he made clear that defunding our police will not happen in Texas. He understands the role our police play in our communities and committed to supporting them by preventing cities from taking away needed resources. Improving policing requires training, and training requires funding.”

Derek Cohen, Policy Director of Right on Crime:

“Governor Abbott rightly called for Texas to become a ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary State.’ This means stopping local busybodies from taking our federal tax dollars to enforce unpopular federal laws that Congress has no business in making. Amidst skyrocketing crime rates, now is not the time to abridge the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens.”

Doug Deason, Texas Public Policy Foundation Board Member:

“Governor Abbott has shown true leadership in keeping Texans safer by prioritizing bail reform. Replacing the current reckless system with a uniform, statewide system that utilizes risk assessment will help keep dangerous criminals off the street while ensuring low-risk individuals don’t languish in jail only because they can’t afford bail.”



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