TPPF Applauds Gov. Abbott’s Leadership on Public Safety

Derek M. Cohen | February 1, 2021
Following Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s State of the State address, the Texas Public Policy Foundation and its Citizens Defense and Right on Crime campaigns commend the Governor for making public safety a clear…

Tucker Carlson and John Kennedy get the First Step Act all wrong

Derek M. Cohen | July 25, 2019
Originally published in the Washington Examiner on July 24, 2019 When President Trump signed the First Step Act into law in December 2018, he was flanked by conservative senators and law…

Setting the Record Straight

Derek M. Cohen | August 17, 2018
In a recent op-ed published in Wall Street Journal Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) recognized the need for federal prison reform but cautioned against sentencing provisions that have been discussed in…

Prison reform is worth fighting for in the Senate

Derek M. Cohen | May 29, 2018
This article by Derek Cohen originally appeared in The Hill May 27th, 2018. On Tuesday, the vast majority of U.S. House members put families and communities ahead of political…

New Prosecutorial Perspectives: A Framework for Effective Juvenile Justice

Derek M. Cohen | December 9, 2016
Prosecutors arguably are the most pivotal actors in the criminal justice system. The most potent decision point in the criminal justice process—whether or not to bring formal charges against…

Rebutting Common Myths of Civil Asset Forfeiture

Derek M. Cohen | December 9, 2016
The status quo of civil asset forfeiture in Texas persists due to common myths surrounding the practice and its prospective elimination. Those myths, while false, warrant discussion.

Texas’ Mandatory Sentencing Enhancements

Derek M. Cohen | June 14, 2016
A policy product of the general “get tough on crime” era, sentencing enhancements enjoyed a great deal of bipartisan political support during the early 1980s through the late 1990s.…

Asset Forfeiture by Texas Law Enforcement

Derek M. Cohen | April 7, 2016
While the abstract debate on civil asset forfeiture remains hotly contested in Texas, two elements often omitted from the discussion is “how much,” and “where” the practice takes place.…

Without Due Process of Law, The Conservative Case for Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform

Derek M. Cohen | February 17, 2016
There is little dispute among the conservative movement that criminals who would threaten the safety of our communities deserve to be divested of the fruits of their illicit enterprise.…

Advocates, Analysts See Pivotal Moment in Push for Reforms

Derek M. Cohen | August 3, 2015
This commentary, written by Sarah Barr, originally appeared in the Juvenile Justice Information Exchange on August 3, 2015 President Obama’s sweeping speech on criminal justice reform last month included…

ROC Presents an Agenda for Criminal Justice in Texas

Derek M. Cohen | January 27, 2015
At the start of Texas’ legislative season, Right on Crime’s Marc Levin and Derek Cohen took to the pages of the Texas Tribune to outline a conservative approach to…
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