Reducing Barriers to Occupational Licensing

Haley Holik | May 21, 2019
Evidence suggests maintaining a job reduces the chance of recidivism. It is difficult to pinpoint why employment is a contributing factor to successful reentry. Though a job is clearly…

Texas Lawmakers Should Prioritize Grand Jury Reform

Haley Holik | May 14, 2019
Grand jury reform is gaining momentum in Texas. But as the 86th Legislative Session nears curtain, lawmakers need to prioritize Chair Whitmire’s SB 1492 to help restore the grand…

Grand Jury Reform in Texas

Haley Holik | May 3, 2019
In Texas, any person accused of committing a felony has the right to a grand jury. Without historical context, though, one may wonder why Texas even bothered enshrining such…

Did poor school discipline policy help cause Parkland?

Haley Holik | March 26, 2018
This article by Haley Holik was originally published by Washington Examiner March 25th, 2018. Reports have surfaced that, despite a history of violent outbursts and assaults, the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School…

When it comes to juvenile justice, family involvement is best for kids and communities

Haley Holik | March 5, 2018
This article by Haley Holik originally appeared in TribTalk, March 5th, 2018.   Gov. Greg Abbott recently called for significant changes to the Texas Juvenile Justice Department, noting the agency faces…

Raise the Age to Lower Crime

Haley Holik | May 12, 2017
This article originally appeared in Tyler Morning Telegraph on May 9, 2017.   Most 17-year-olds are in high school. Their parents still ground them, and they have to ask to…

Dismal, Reactionary Views About Future of Criminal Justice Reform Are Unfounded

Haley Holik | December 5, 2016
Following the results of the presidential election, some critics predicted the stalling of criminal justice reform. They questioned how the movement could possibly advance during the president-elect’s approaching term.…
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