Oklahoma is no Longer First in Incarceration

Joe Griffin | November 25, 2019
Earlier this month, Governor Stitt signed a landmark signed an historic piece of legislation, sponsored by Rep. Jon Echols and Senator Stephanie Bice, that resulted in a record commutation…

Oklahoma Governor Makes Reforming Fines and Fees a Priority

Joe Griffin | May 9, 2019
This week, Governor Kevin Stitt announced a number of Criminal Justice Reform priorities that he wants passed in the last weeks of session. This is a tremendous signal from…

Oklahoma Substance Abuse Legislation

Joe Griffin | April 23, 2019
A little more than two years ago, Oklahomans acknowledged that simply being in possession of a small amount of drugs should not earn someone a lengthy prison sentence and…

Oklahoma District Attorney Supervision: An Unpopular Patchwork Policy

Joe Griffin | March 12, 2019
While much attention has been given to Oklahoma’s large prison population, further attention needs to be focused on the fines and fees that fund the state’s criminal justice system…

Tulsa County sees success in criminal justice reforms after one year

Joe Griffin | September 21, 2018
Despite a series of reforms passed by the legislature, Oklahoma remains a negative example to rest of the nation for the perils of over-incarceration. This week, however, the Tulsa…
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