Tennessee’s House of Representatives Task Force on Opioid and Prescription Abuse

Julie Warren | October 17, 2017
This year, the Tennessee House of Representatives convened the House Task Force on Opioid and Prescription Abuse.  The task force recently made public its recommendations. I want to start…

Good News Brought to You by the Tennessee Department of Corrections

Julie Warren | October 10, 2017
The Tennessee Department of Corrections (TDOC) 2017 Annual Report is hot off the presses. The report is replete with positive reforms and a full download will require multiple blog…

Where is a prosecutor’s time best spent?

Julie Warren | September 27, 2017
I recently came across an opinion piece in the Midland Times authored by Laura Nodolf, the District Attorney for Midland, Texas, wherein she presented the question: “Where is a…

Drug Courts: Working Since 1989

Julie Warren | September 22, 2017
Drug courts burst onto the scene when the Eleventh Judicial District of Florida created the Miami-Dade County Drug Court in 1989. Since its inception, “thousands of people have taken…

Prosecutors & Sentencing Enhancements

Julie Warren | September 19, 2017
There are prosecutors out there who love sentencing enhancements, and I get it.  Enhancements make a prosecutor’s life easier, because they can make it easier to obtain a guilty…

Assessing Risk Assessments

Julie Warren | September 19, 2017
Validated risk assessments are tools that allow the criminal justice system (courts, probation/parole, and corrections) the opportunity to asses each individual offender as just that, an individual. They allow…

Fixing Kentucky’s Prison Overcrowding Problem

Julie Warren | September 14, 2017
They say the first step to fixing a problem is to recognize that there is a problem. I give a lot of credit to the leadership in Kentucky. They…

Did Richard Nixon Give Us the Winning Strategy to Win the Opioid Epidemic?

Julie Warren | September 8, 2017
Currently, I’m working on an article for the University of Memphis Law Review, wherein I seek to define opioid abuse as primarily a public health crisis to which the…

‘Tough on Crime’ is Political Lip Service

Julie Warren | August 31, 2017
In a recent interview with Kentucky Educational Television, Holly Harris, from Justice Action Network, hit the nail on the head in her refute of the effectiveness of the incarceration-first…

Hey California, Take Notes from Kentucky!

Julie Warren | August 23, 2017
In courts across the country, bail is arbitrarily set so high that it has become cost prohibitive for most defendants – especially lower income defendants to post. Bail has…

More Teens Are Dying from Drug Overdose

Julie Warren | August 21, 2017
Just this week, the National Center for Health Statistics published a study that found a 3.7 increase from 2014 to 2015 in the drug overdose death rate for adolescent…

Opioid Crisis Declared a National Emergency

Julie Warren | August 15, 2017
On August 10th, President Trump announced that the opioid epidemic had risen to the level of a national emergency.  In making his remarks, President Trump vowed to “spend a…
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