Criminal or Victim?

Julie Warren | August 10, 2017
Yesterday afternoon, while I was working on a blog post that focused on substance abuse as primarily a public health issue, I received a text from my sister informing…

Yes, Tennessee is Ready for Justice Reform

Julie Warren | August 8, 2017
Increasingly, I approach the news with a certain amount of dread—especially the local news that seems to greet me every morning with a rundown of the violent crime that…

The Way Forward

Julie Warren | August 3, 2017
The Tennessee Department of Corrections concluded its 2016 Annual Report with a frank, yet reflective vision of “the way forward.”  In so doing, it recognized that “offenders who experience…

Rethinking the Scope of Drug Free School Zone

Julie Warren | August 1, 2017
In 1995, Tennessee enacted The Drug Free School Zone Act—contained in § 39-17-432—for the stated “purpose of providing vulnerable persons in this state an environment in which they can…

Draconian Sanctions Don’t Work

Julie Warren | July 28, 2017
Across the country, folks are beginning to understand that unsuccessful re-entry policies contribute to high recidivism rates. We especially see more conservative lawmakers question whether the prohibitions or impositions…

Kentucky’s Commitment to Criminal Justice Reform

Julie Warren | July 25, 2017
The State of Kentucky has exhibited tremendous leadership in the area of criminal justice reform.  Over the last few years the State has endeavored to thoroughly examine its adult…

Barriers to Re-entry Hurt Society as a Whole

Julie Warren | July 25, 2017
The United States Supreme Court recently entered an opinion in Packingham v. North Carolina. 2017. _ U.S. _ (June). In a roundabout way, it touched on the merits of…

Unconstitutional Use of Civil Asset Forfeiture

Julie Warren | July 11, 2017
In Tennessee, police officers may legally take your property based on nothing but a mere suspicion that it might have ties to criminal activity. The seizing agency gets to…

New Task Force to Prioritize Juvenile Justice Reform

Julie Warren | June 28, 2017
Tennesseans just gained an important ally in its effort to reform its criminal justice system with the newly formed bipartisan Ad Hoc Tennessee Blue Ribbon Task Force on Juvenile…
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