Medal of Freedom

Kaycie Alexander | October 10, 2019
Right on Crime signatory Edwin Meese III recently received the Medal of Freedom presented by President Donald Trump for his dedication to public service. This recognition is well-deserved as…

Released Inmate Documentation

Kaycie Alexander | May 14, 2019
Studies have shown that the number one factor in reducing the risk of recidivism is obtaining employment. When employment is not easily obtained, ex-offenders often become discouraged and return…

Dignity for Incarcerated Women

Kaycie Alexander | May 7, 2019
On both the federal and state level an overwhelming percentage of inmates are male. It is unsurprising, then, that correctional policies sometimes overlook issues unique to incarcerated women. As…

Criminal Justice Reform Symposium

Kaycie Alexander | April 24, 2019
On Thursday April 17, Right on Crime and Men of Valor came together to put on a criminal justice reform symposium. Governors Matt Bevin of Kentucky, and Bill Lee…

Bail Reform in Texas

Kaycie Alexander | February 27, 2019
The current criminal justice system in Texas leaves many inmates without hope of reentry into society. Seventy-five percent of those in county jails are awaiting trial; and according to…
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