Why Halloween is especially scary in some Virginia cities

Katie Greer | October 19, 2018
This article by Katie Greer originally appeared in Washington Post October 19, 2018. Fall: That time of year when Americans race down the aisles to snag all things pumpkin…

Innocent Mississippians shouldn’t have to worry about having their cash or property taken

Katie Greer | October 19, 2018
Mississippi has repeatedly made headlines for reining in civil asset forfeiture, a practice that allows government agencies to take cash or property from citizens under mere suspicion. Despite efforts…

Costs continue to rise

Katie Greer | October 2, 2018
Andrew Speno, Right on Crime’s state director for Oklahoma, talked to KOCO channel 5 News about the state’s bulging prison population and the fiscal crisis it presents. The corrections…

Former NYC police commissioner’s journey from 9/11 to prison reform

Katie Greer | September 12, 2018
Public safety is on the minds of many Americans throughout September as they reflect on the most horrific terrorist attack on our nation’s soil. Thousands of lives were lost…

Watch: Right on Crime Director Derek Cohen on Texas’ Criminal Justice Overhaul

Katie Greer | August 28, 2018
Right on Crime Director Derek Cohen walked through the history of Texas’ criminal justice overhaul with Judy Maggio of KLRU. The Lone Star State has been called the birthplace…

Trump continues push for safe streets and second chances

Katie Greer | August 10, 2018
Federal prison reform has received mounting support from President Donald Trump since initial meetings at the White House last September. For nearly a year, the President has urged Congress…

Federal court rules in favor of bail reform

Katie Greer | July 13, 2018
A federal court’s recent ruling in favor of New Jersey’s cash bail reform should embolden lawmakers’ efforts to re-center their criminal justice systems on public safety. U.S. Third Circuit…

Watch: John Koufos shares story of paying debt to society and working to make communities safe

Katie Greer | July 6, 2018
Right on Crime’s National Director of Reentry Initiatives John Koufos shared his story of how he became dedicated to prison reform on Freedom to Flourish. Koufos was a thriving…

Too many American dreams are stolen by civil asset forfeiture

Katie Greer | July 3, 2018
(Photo by Institute for Justice) People come to the United States to build a better life. A large part of that is the opportunity to earn a living in…

It’s time for the government to get off taxpayers’ lawns

Katie Greer | June 22, 2018
This article by Katie Greer originally appeared in The Hill June 21st, 2018. Owning a home is a cornerstone of the American dream. Homeownership can feel extremely freeing and…

Rural America isn’t exactly the most ‘free’

Katie Greer | June 19, 2018
Rural areas carry a sense of freedom that’s distinct from the city life. People typically move to the outskirts to get away from urban environments where curtains and walls…

Criminal justice experts weigh in on potential GOP party platform planks

Katie Greer | June 11, 2018
The Texas Republican Party is considering a number of potential platform planks involving criminal justice reform. Just Liberty’s Scott Henson spoke with Right on Crime Director Derek Cohen, and…
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