Podcast: Derek Cohen on ‘the FIRST STEP Act’ and the Texas roots of criminal justice reform

Katie Greer | May 30, 2018
The U.S. House passed prison reform legislation, the FIRST STEP Act, less than a week after a bunch of conservatives gathered to talk about criminal justice reform at the…

Watch: Criminal Justice Reform in Illinois

Katie Greer | May 22, 2018
After someone serves their time and pays their debt to society, the government should not swat down their attempts to pursue a productive path. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened…

President Trump urges Congress to pass prison reform at White House summit

Katie Greer | May 18, 2018
President Trump signaled that he would sign prison reform legislation if Congress sends it to his desk during Friday’s White House Prison Reform Summit: “My administration strongly supports these…

Texas Republican voters support criminal justice reform

Katie Greer | May 1, 2018
GOP primary voters support a number of criminal justice reforms according to recent polling data. The poll, commissioned by the Texas Smart-On-Crime Coalition, surveyed more than 600 Texas Republican…

Support crime victims with real solutions

Katie Greer | April 10, 2018
The criminal justice system exists to uphold public safety. A large part of that responsibility includes delivering justice to victims. However, what that looks like can vary from state…

How Texas is moving to end debtors’ prisons

Katie Greer | April 9, 2018
This article by Katie Greer originally appeared in the Washington Examiner April 9th, 2018.   A Texas mom, Valerie Gonzales, was thrown in jail because she couldn’t afford the…

This bill can save Mississippi big time

Katie Greer | April 6, 2018
Being born in Texas and raised in Mississippi, I never know how to answer the question, “Where are you from?” Answering anything but “Texas” in the Lone Star State…

Christians should want better results out of the criminal justice system

Katie Greer | March 14, 2018
Right on Crime’s Manager of State Initiatives, Greg Glod, spoke to ERLC about how he came to support conservative criminal justice reform. He says that the idea of “lock…

The White House pushes for more work programs in prisons

Katie Greer | February 28, 2018
The White House gave lawmakers the go ahead on legislative efforts to strengthen reentry programs for prisoners. The Trump administration made recommendations based on what has worked to reduce…

Three Takeaways from Policy Orientation

Katie Greer | February 13, 2018
Texas’ success with criminal justice reform received several hat tips throughout Texas Public Policy Foundation’s 16th Annual Policy Orientation, February 7th – 9th. Right on Crime Signatory and former…

Watch: Prison Reform Is a Conservative Issue

Katie Greer | February 6, 2018
Right on Crime Director Derek Cohen went on air with KXAN’s Josh Hinkle to discuss President Trump’s nod to prison reform in the State of the Union address: “As…

Watch: Marc Levin on Pretrial Justice

Katie Greer | January 26, 2018
Marc Levin went live to discuss pretrial justice. He revealed that the U.S. spends $13.6 billion on pretrial incarceration. Levin said a common reason that some people are locked…
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