CPAC 2021 Breakout Panel: “Conservative Prosecutors, Conservative Reforms”

Chelsea Murphy | March 23, 2021
Despite media headlines to the contrary, many conservative prosecutors have been long driving meaningful reforms in their own backyards. A CPAC panel of nationally renowned conservative prosecutors highlighted this…

Criminal Justice Reform Symposium

Kaycie Alexander | April 24, 2019
On Thursday April 17, Right on Crime and Men of Valor came together to put on a criminal justice reform symposium. Governors Matt Bevin of Kentucky, and Bill Lee…

Bail Reform: The Balance of Liberty and Public Safety

Right on Crime | March 13, 2019
As the Texas Legislature examines bail reform, join us on March 28 for a discussion about how Texas can move to a risk-based system in which pretrial release decisions…

Two thumbs up: Not an ordinary night at the movies

Kurt Altman | October 11, 2018
Picture this: It’s 5:45 on a Wednesday night.  Catering and bar service are in place.  Students, professionals, and community members are cautiously entering the building to make sure they…

Right on Crime discusses criminal justice reform with Microsoft

Right on Crime | October 10, 2018
This blog by Nick Haydon was originally published by the Texas Public Policy Foundation October 10, 2018. On October 5th, The Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF) and its Right…

Watch: Criminal Justice Reform in Illinois

Katie Greer | May 22, 2018
After someone serves their time and pays their debt to society, the government should not swat down their attempts to pursue a productive path. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened…

Three Takeaways from Policy Orientation

Katie Greer | February 13, 2018
Texas’ success with criminal justice reform received several hat tips throughout Texas Public Policy Foundation’s 16th Annual Policy Orientation, February 7th – 9th. Right on Crime Signatory and former…

16th Annual Policy Orientation – Austin, TX

Right on Crime | January 18, 2018
You’re invited to join the Right on Crime team at the Texas Public Policy Foundation’s 16th Annual Policy Orientation, which draws hundreds of legislators, legislative staff, and activists to…

Faith and the Criminal Justice System

Julie Warren | December 8, 2017
“We’re not going to let you slip through the cracks. We’re going to hold you accountable, but we’re going to be there for you.” – Dr. Russell Moore On…

Don’t Mess with Texas on Civil Asset Forfeiture

Katie Greer | November 3, 2017
If you haven’t heard the slogan, “Don’t mess with Texas,” you either live under a rock, or you’ve never met a Texan. While engaging in a conversation on civil…

DeMint Speaks at the Advancing Justice Summit

Joe Luppino-Esposito | October 27, 2017
Former South Carolina Senator and Right on Crime Signatory, Jim DeMint, kicked off this week’s Advancing Justice Summit alongside US Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) in Washington, DC. The day…

Conservatives and Criminal Justice Reform in Florida

Chelsea Murphy | October 27, 2017
Right on Crime hosted an evening centered around conservatives for criminal justice reform in Tallahassee, Florida, Wednesday, October 25th. Former and current Florida lawmakers, business leaders, and advocates came…
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