PJ Media: Criminal Justice Reform: A New Domain of the Right?

Right on Crime | May 27, 2014
In a “call to action” released at last week’s session, Right on Crime further declared that prisons serve a critical role in society “but we can’t just build our…

ConservativeHQ: Conservatives Lead by Reducing Crime, Saving Money

Right on Crime | May 22, 2014
Conservatives in Texas, Mississippi, Georgia, South Dakota and other states are showing how to reduce crime while saving taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars through smarter ways to reduce…

Newt Gingrich discusses ROC Leadership Summit on CNN’s Crossfire

Right on Crime | May 22, 2014
ROC signatory Newt Gingrich shares his outrage of America’s failing prison system. Click here to read more from CNN.

Right on Crime Federal and State Call to Action

Right on Crime | May 21, 2014
(Washington, DC) – In what was the largest such gathering of its kind to address conservative criminal justice reform, leaders from across the nation representing ideologies ranging from fiscal…

Christian Post on the ROC Leadership Summit

Right on Crime | May 21, 2014
ROC signatory Newt Gingrich: “If we can’t figure out a way to use online learning and other systems to help you learn how to read and how to be…

TIME Magazine: “Conservatives Tout Criminal Justice Reform Efforts in States”

Right on Crime | May 21, 2014
Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said Wednesday that conservative lawmakers are at the forefront of criminal justice reform across the country, touting both piecemeal and comprehensive efforts already in…

“Alabama Prison Reform Task Force member learns how Texas turned ‘Right on Crime'”

Right on Crime | May 21, 2014
A member of Alabama’s Prison Reform Task Force attended a summit in Washington, D.C., this week to learn how Texas changed its prison laws and saved money. The Lone Star…

Huffington Post: Right-Wing Prison Reform

Right on Crime | May 21, 2014
David Keene at the ROC Leadership Summit: “Everybody forgot what the mission in our society of the criminal justice system is. It’s not simply to punish people. It’s not…

Governor Phil Bryant: Mississippi Legislature Votes to Adopt “Right on Crime” Criminal Justice Reform Measures

Right on Crime | April 4, 2014
The following statement was released by Governor Phil Bryant regarding Mississippi’s package of criminal justice reforms. JACKSON—House Bill 585, Mississippi’s package of criminal justice reform measures, has passed the…
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