Unions Alarmingly Misrepresent SB 815

Randy Petersen | May 23, 2019
When the legislature creates a criminal statute that is punishable by a fine alone, meaning that incarceration is not a potential consequence even if the offender is found guilty…

Ten Tips for Policymakers for Improving Parole

Marc Levin | May 17, 2019
Right on Crime Vice President Marc Levin offers ideas for lawmakers regarding parole. Levin recognizes the benefits to parole and seeks to improve the system to further benefit citizens.

Ten Tips for Policymakers for Improving Probation

Marc Levin | May 17, 2019
Right on Crime Vice President Marc Levin proposes innovative ideas to law makers regarding the probation system. By implementing these practices Texas can see a reduction in the number…

Results-Oriented Solutions for Probation Funding

Right on Crime | May 3, 2019
Right on Crime policy analyst Michael Haugen examines various performance-based probation funding models across the country, which base their formulas upon the ability of probation departments to expand supervision…

Oklahoma District Attorney Supervision: An Unpopular Patchwork Policy

Joe Griffin | March 12, 2019
While much attention has been given to Oklahoma’s large prison population, further attention needs to be focused on the fines and fees that fund the state’s criminal justice system…

All Talk and No Action: Arizona’s Mandatory Drug Sentencing

Right on Crime | March 5, 2019
Right on Crime’s Greg Glod, Director of State Initiatives, examines Arizona’s broad, and often confusing, mandatory drug sentencing laws. While many mandatory minimum sentencing laws, particularly for drug offenses,…

Open Roads and Overflowing Jails: Addressing High Rates of Rural Pretrial Incarceration

Right on Crime | May 31, 2018
The decades-long growth in rural pretrial incarceration has taken a toll on taxpayers and individual liberties. The latest research by Marc Levin and Michael Haugen unveils growth contributors and…

The Conservative Case for Policing Reforms

Randy Petersen | February 23, 2018
In this new report policing expert Randy Petersen outlines the conservative case for policing reforms. Having spent 21 years in law enforcement, Petersen introduces four recommended areas for reform.…

In Harris County, Recidivism Rates for State Jail Offenders on Probation Much Lower Than Those Incarcerated

Right on Crime | May 9, 2017
As the following graphs indicate, recidivism rates are much lower for state jail felony offenders who take probation in Harris County as compared those who go to state jail. One…

Raising the Age of Juvenile Court Jurisdiction in Texas

Right on Crime | May 3, 2017
This new policy perspective from Derek Cohen and Haley Holik examines Texas’ practice of trying 17 year olds in adult courts, stating research indicates that the juvenile system provides the most…

Pre-Arrest and Pre-Booking Diversion and Mental Health in Policing

Right on Crime | April 19, 2017
Our senior policing researcher Randy Petersen considers the current state of research indicating that certain pre-booking or pre-arrest diversion programs show promise in reducing recidivism.

Recording the Police

Right on Crime | April 19, 2017
In this new policy perspective, our policing expert Randy Petersen considers the myriad issues involved with the recording of law enforcement activities—from ensuring public safety during potentially tense situations,…
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